307. John
Fri Aug 14 01:14:22 CDT 1998


306. an anonymous person
Fri Aug 14 01:13:31 CDT 1998

the sound of the leaves rustling in the warm winter sun calms my sad ears and the trees sag under the weight of the morning dew

305. John
Fri Aug 14 01:12:58 CDT 1998

CB: You are here :) be first :) no resitance yet :) JAD

304. Courtney Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Fri Aug 14 01:10:10 CDT 1998

Cinthya// thank you...it's very hard to see this is a positive light when you can't think of anything but the bad. I feel a little better today, I had to cheer up and be positive because I had another exam(this has to stop!!)

Dayna// you put it in a way that nobody else could or did and I thank you for that..I have a copy of it that I'm going to print out and keep on my wall(no seriously, I do) and thank you becuase I think you really know where I'm coming from *Smiles with small tear*

JB// Jag alskar dig mera an orden kan saga :)

303. test5
Fri Aug 14 01:02:05 CDT 1998


302. test4
Fri Aug 14 01:01:08 CDT 1998


301. test3
Fri Aug 14 01:00:04 CDT 1998


300. John
Fri Aug 14 00:59:04 CDT 1998

number 300 jipppiiiiiii

299. test2
Fri Aug 14 00:58:34 CDT 1998


298. test
Fri Aug 14 00:56:40 CDT 1998


297. Cinthya ccpcozma@ctc-mundo.net
Thu Aug 13 22:01:06 CDT 1998

Hola a todos!

Courtney>>girl!, don't be sad!, 'cause I don't like to see you down!: this kind of things use to happen all the time and you just have to know that you did your best and that's the more important!!...don't forget that you are a human been, not a machine!!, and a score will never relex what you really are: C'mon!,YOU KNOW YOU ARE THE BEST!!;)

Annje>> yup!, I saw Armageddon and is COOOOOL!!!, is a COOL movie!! (and you should see to A.J., 'cause one word describe him: "HOT!"): Haloween: H20?!!, WOW!, sounds great!!!, I will go to see that movie!;)you signed my guestbook?!!, GREAT!, I will go and take a look!: thanx!;)and about Michael, well, yes!, I feel a bit better about it!, I think I will give him a chance, he is a nice person and he loves me very much!, so I guess that mean that I will keep him as my boyfriend! *lol*

John>> haha, very funny, hmm yeah, I did a page...if we can call that a page! *lol*: HEY!, I'm teasing to myself!, humm, what's wrong with me?, aaahh my last neuron is not working right I think!...hey hey HEY!, so you met a copy of Ulf?!!!, WOW!!, that's so...NICE!!, hey!!, you can give him my ICQ number!, no problem with that! *lol*, hmm, now I'm thinking about break with my boyfriend!!..hey!, I think I'm going too far, don't you think?

Najs>>I belive you girl: John is a chicken!!!

Mona>> ok!, por que creo que ya se esta demorando todo!!: espero tu e-mail!;)

I'm outtie!: see you then!

296. Nacho igallegu@hotmail.com
Thu Aug 13 21:45:47 CDT 1998

Cinthya:QUE!!!!tu papa no quiere pagar el telefono aparte de ser horrible creo que podras sobrevivir!! por aqui las cosas andan iguales resulta que ahora yo estoy consiguendo la plata para pagar el telefono asi que estos vendiendo mis compact!!!!!!!al final con la Alicia salio todo bien la fui a esperar llego aprox a las 9:45 ella esta bien se fue ese mismo dia como a las 4 asi que se nos hizo demasiado corto el tiempo para conversar , ella tambien tenia ganas de conocerte de echo ese mismo dia cuando vino a mi casa te llamo pero no contestaba nadie. en todo caso ella vuelve en 2 semanas mas asi que hay nos podriamos juntar que te parece!!ahhhhhhhh!!!!como te fue en el cine ya pensaste en si terminabas o no? cualquier dia de estos te llamo ok?

Paloma: y que tal lo pasaste en tu dia?

295. Ace
Thu Aug 13 19:32:34 CDT 1998

This website rules!

294. Peter ash@muskoka.com
Thu Aug 13 16:19:57 CDT 1998

Ace of Base Land Has been updated!

A New Discography, and a "CRUEL SUMMER" TV COMERCIAL!!!!
Check it out:

293. Søldier Bagel
Thu Aug 13 16:08:38 CDT 1998


Hey, just wondering, but...isn't it illegal to download Mp3's unless you own the CD or song as well? That's how I understand it. So are you saying it's ok to download them if we own the CD or song, but not to put them up on fansites for others to download?


What ICQ# are you using? [|:0)

292. Perfectworld perfectworld@bigfoot.com
Thu Aug 13 16:07:15 CDT 1998


Come check them out!


291. Mona
Thu Aug 13 15:52:39 CDT 1998

See ya tomorrow! :)

ALA4! :)

290. ED VILE2000@aol.com
Thu Aug 13 15:49:32 CDT 1998

Hello... I have been watching all of recent happenings of Ace Of Base. Despite that I live in the states where sometime such great talents get rare recognition I think Ace Of Base is one of the best groups around.... Well simple question for anyone to answer is how come there is very little or hardly and promos for the new album. I've heard Cruel Summer being played once or twice but I really wonder how come there is not much promotion put out for the new album...... Well just hope some one can clear it up for me. See Ya :)

289. Dayna bpm94@hotmail.com
Thu Aug 13 15:24:01 CDT 1998

Howdy Acers!!!

Johnny-Bear--->I got your package today. Thank you again; you have helped me make someone a happy Acer. I've got a few new Garfield things for you, and I'll send them out in a few days. I'm looking for more. OK, now...THIS NEW GUY AT WORK! Hook me up!!!!!! woo-hoo! I HAVE to see this picture...is he a jerk? hahahaha

Courtney--->I wish I could say something to make you feel better, so here goes: As an OLD person I can say this much...in the Big Picture of Life, the Real Scheme of Things... TEST SCORES DO NOT MATTER. I know it seems like your life will be over if you do poorly ona test now, but the truth is, in 10 years, it simply doesn't matter. I was under SO much pressure to get perfect grades all my life. If I got anything other than 100's, my parents had a fit. I was convinced my life would suck if I did poorly. That I wouldn't get into a good college, that I would have a terrible life...But it's so unrealistic, and untrue. I hope this helps a little. It doesn't mean you shouldn't try hard, but just keep it all in a realistic perspective. And don't waste your tears on it; there are better things to cry about...*smiles*

Annje--->Anything new?

Pablito--->you are such a pest on AOL-IM...*giggle*

Carry on smiling...:)

288. Claes Cornelius claes@aceofbase.net
Thu Aug 13 14:37:59 CDT 1998

Dear Acers, there are news to share with you immediately:

ATTENTION PLEASE / MP3 BAN ON UNAUTHORIZED SITES --------------------------------------------------------

I am a member of a sub-committee of the IFPI, a World-spanning federation of record companies - I attended a meeting today about the Internet and the proliferation of MP3 files and I have news that I am permitted to divulge:

From now on, record companies are against the use of MP3 unless proper authorization, license payments and the like are arranged with record companies, copyright organizations. While no one in his right mind at record company level has a problem with snippets of audio in the form of .ra files (hey it's PROMOTION!), it is not acceptable / workable in the run of any length of time to have a situation whereby music on the 'net is at freebee level...

Consider this: artists earn money as and when they're successful (with lulls in between of no income - there's no "monthly paycheck"!). Record companies are expensive outfits to run as well, there's a monthly paycheck & promo cost to be paid out regardless of current hit performance. Costs are running up high for both sides before release day... A top video clip can easily cost $200,000 to 500,000 to be worthy of MTV attention and the marketing investments for hits or flops are huge all the time...

Without some income to feed that machinery, it will be difficult to break new talent as everyone will then try to "play it safe", on MOR material beyond the interest of kids on the 'net. The music you like and convert to MP3 and freely available on 'net pages stands to be the music hurt first if there isn't some kind of voluntary restraint at MP3 site levels. Musicians and composers have no social security net to fall back on in most cases!

MP3 outlets will face problems with their server operators at some point, as these will try to keep clean of MP3 files to preserve legit status and business. I never thought I'd end up having basically to forbid Acers doing anything whatsoever but in this case I have to say that MP3 has to be an "off-limits" area for all of you Acers maintaining those great home pages. I'd love to be the one to be able to say at the next follow-up IFPI 'net committee meet that Acer pages have removed whatever MP3 might be out there and replaced them with .ra equivalents. Anywayz, I'll keep you posted on these things and we'll put together some more specific guide of rules at the Paradise as soon as these (from official sources) can be formulated and explained in understandable detail

Ciao 4 now (sorry for the lenghty posting & bad news), Claes

287. Brian Ecobrat@msn.com
Thu Aug 13 14:35:09 CDT 1998

Søldier Bagel // you're welcome. =o] hope the firewall would work if there's a next time (hopefully there won't) also scan your hard drive for a virus to be safe. Cause who knows he might have put one on it.

286. Jenny Mercy72519@aol.com
Thu Aug 13 13:49:51 CDT 1998

Hej guys, I normally don't have time to come here & TH both but I'm here now & hej everyone. John: You usually post in here huh??? :)

Coeur: I sent you my notes babes, DON'T WORRY...

My Mom just said, "I love this song it's so romantic." (ETIR) She says that EVERY time it's on, but I knew she would (my Mom's type of music, that's why she loves Celine Dion too). But she keeps getting frustrated at how "you never see her anymore." & I try to explain why & she says that Linn is lucky she has such a patient bro & sis (& Ulf). Oh Linnie the potential you could have with this song if only you weren't so sick... But you know... & she wonders what song they'll sing on The View. Me too :) Probably CS or WYNM though. I think if they release WYNM here next month, that's too quick. I mean CS hasn't been out long. Later everyone, CoS, Jenny

285. Mona
Thu Aug 13 13:46:16 CDT 1998

Annje: LOL! That's sooo funny!!! :) Oj, don't feel too bad about the pics.. I explained in TH... :) :)

Swan: heissan!! :) Okay... I'll try and finish your questionnaires today, okay?? :) kram!! :)

284. Søldier Bagel
Thu Aug 13 13:29:30 CDT 1998


LMAO!!!!! hahaha you say I'm a GUY? LOL! hahaha as someone said before...sometimes it is hard to figure out stuff by screen names on the net! And I didn't come up with it, Noël did! LMAO!! [|:0)


Yay! You finally e-mailed me!! hahaha no fun now that you have a job...hey! I added Juressica Park to my list! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the info, I heard about firewalls and I think it might be a good idea to have some extra security on my computer from now on!

283. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Thu Aug 13 13:08:39 CDT 1998

Mona: I got the pics!!! LMAO, and that guy in it isn't old actually, he's kinda young or something, and he's either giving bunny ears or a peace sign, I have no idea! I'll send you a copy of that, and the funny thing is I had purposely back OUT of that picture, but Julie got me in it, standing there holding that AoB Cruel Summer promo thing!But I'm gonna send them to you tonight....you'll see in my eMail the assinine thing I did... lately I have like no brain!

Najs: Hej girl! Great chat!!! And John did it again....saying that you were telling me *fuck you*....he is so bad! And that's funny hou you make fun of all his AoB CD's, and he makes fun of all your AOB articles and magazines! LMAO! Hey, but if he is bad....call him that special word he just hates!!! (no not dickhead....that gull one! LMAO!)

JohnFågel: You know we're just kidding! Aj Fan, I got the kelifornien pics in...hahah you're gonna LYAO at these!!! You'll see the *Rödsparv*! :)

282. Swan
Thu Aug 13 12:30:27 CDT 1998

Johnny>>Låter som du har kul med Najs...hahaha.:) Roligt att läsa det. Om du är sur på mig eller nånting så ville jag inte lura dig med dikterna eller något. Det var bara en vits från början, det förstod du väl? OK? Så jag hoppas att vi fortfarande är vänner? Inte fiender i alla fall?

Soldier Bagel>>Oh, I wrote it as "Svan" myself cause I wrote in Swedish that day..Not your mistake but mine. I still think it looks better as Swan. Anyway, I don't remember what you wrote to me and I don't have time to look it up but let's just say.. same to you!:) OK? I'm really confused and mixed up with all postings and emails so I might be a bit weird sometimes..;) But why am I apolozising for being weird, to a guy who names himself Soldier Bagel??

Noel>>In Finland we actually have cities where there are a lot of Swedish-speaking people. Finland used to belong to Sweden so the upper class were all Swedish-speaking and there's still a minority of Finnish-Swedish people...;) Some of them feel they're Finns, others feel they're Swedes..It's a bit funny...;)

281. James acer4ever@bigfoot.com
Thu Aug 13 11:34:03 CDT 1998

Annje » Hi! Thanks, that's so kind! :) I'm sending a pretty little fax to Much today, so check OnDemand if you can today. : )

280. Mona florlinn@tvi.cc.nm.us
Thu Aug 13 10:57:54 CDT 1998

Everyone: I tested my new email, and it's working!! Now you can email me at my new email: florlinn@tvi.cc.nm.us It is NOW valid... :) Please update your addy books if you haven't already; otherwise, my other email will bounce and get returned back to you... ;)

Annje: Ewww.. an old dude getting in the way of your *AOB Basketball pic*?! Hahaha! What a weirdo... :P Goodie!! I hope she'll be able to send you some negatives!! :) I actually have heard from Svof... but only as a "email" update thingy... nothing like other stuff... still keeping in touch med han? By all means... DO try and go to Finland!!! That'd be aweseome!! :)

Courtney: Ewww... good luck with all your papers and tests.... "lycka till!" :) Okay.. tack... I'm still hoping I'll be able to get everything transferred over to my NEW account so I can still copy/paste you things.... :( *crossing fingers* Besides, there is SOOOO much that I want to save that's precious for me.... :(

Paloma: De nada!! Por nada!! :) ¿Cómo pasaste tu dia? ¿Que hiciste? :) Tambien espero yo que no hay mucha lata con mi nuevo email. Bueno, mi dijieron que pueden mandar todos mis emails de la otra a esta, pero espero que todo pase bien... hay muchos emails y cosas muy preciosas, y no los quiero perder.... :(

Cinthya: Okay... :) Y tambien si se hace muy larga te enviar tus cintas, nomas te mando tus poster de AOB y una "postcard" en una carta sola, y despues, te hago y mando tus cintas, ¿eh? :) Prontito te escribo un email... ;)

John: Okay... :) take your time... förlåt that I didn't even read your posts about your stressing out earlier... :( I feel so rude... :( Kram! :)

Najs: heehee.. that's soo funny how you tease little John over his large stack of AOB CDs, and he teases you over your large stack of AOB articles! LOL! ;)

279. Liseberg gerreaux@hotmail.com
Thu Aug 13 10:14:19 CDT 1998

Pablo: Mailed you back! ;)

John: *gasp* A look-alike of Ulf?? AHH! NO way! That's so cool. =)

278. Mark mgershk@hotmail.com
Thu Aug 13 07:56:17 CDT 1998

Thanks Najs, I really appreciate it:)


277. Najs again
Thu Aug 13 06:52:08 CDT 1998

Jesus!! No one after me...It's oh so quiet...

276. Najs
Thu Aug 13 04:51:53 CDT 1998

Mark, I'll tell Mia that, ok? She will be so happy!!

John, Hrm..Excuse me..Who did you say was a chicken?? I heard my name little...chicken! hahaha...Jo..Erika ringde precis och hon hade för sig saker i dag. så jag åker upp till henne i morgon. Så jag antar att jag åker in till stan för att titta..i detta otroligt härliga regnväder..Yees! Skriver en lapp sedan..Ciao!

All, You should have heard John hehehehe in that tower, We were at Gröna Lund. Stockholm's amusmentpark...He thought I would go that tower all by myself..Can you belive that girls?? Hrm...We found this cool internet café there..But in a strange way the café didn't work:-(

Annje, You're not an idiot :-) It was fun to read your mail...I've hit him in the back of his head...like you said. hehe

Hrm, Ace Of Base at #10 at Billboard!!! Finally!!! Cruel Summer on NRJ!!! *najs is singing* It's a cruel, cruel summer leaving me here on my own...yeah yeah!

Take Care!!!
**Najs**-The one and only!!

275. John
Thu Aug 13 03:35:13 CDT 1998

I will reply emails hmmm at Saturday :) maybe Sunday :)

One new guy at work (hear this Dayna haha) is a copy of Ulf Ekberg.. I told him "you look like Ulf Ekberg" and he like "uh I hear that all the time" he HAS Ulf's eyes!!!! those eyes are identical with Ulf.. and there are other signs but the eyes!!!!!!!!! I try get a photo in way and you people will see :)

To All (not Najs): Najs and I was going at a place where they hacve a hmm tower.. 80 meter high... and then you fall down.. it takes 3 seconds... and it was... Najs was so affraid... so I had to drag her to that thing.. (I wasn't afraid at all hahaha ) and then we wnet down 80 meters in 3 seconds... my stomak hahaha (hope Najs doesn't see this hmm it isn't all true :) ) and I saw a FAT Najs in one of the "funny mirrors" hahaha even I look FAT in those mirros hmm wierd.. I'm so thinn hahaha

Courtney: Be strong! I be there for you. So sad hear that, I emailed you about it JÄDSSSSSM I fight for us being first :)

Cinthya Gates: wow :) yeah I'm impressed.. you accually made a page? :)

Pablo: :( yeah do.. it was a big yellow package! it was long time since I sent it.. I'm worried...

Paloma: :) 15.. you are way to old!!!! :)

Mona: I'm okay.. stressed at work alittle... right now... little calm until lunch :)

Be back

274. A. Neilson atrud_9@hotmail.com
Thu Aug 13 03:12:09 CDT 1998

Ace of Base is the best group around.

273. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Thu Aug 13 02:44:45 CDT 1998

Paloma: So you had a great birthday then? That's great!!! And your school friends got you baloons? Wow!!! That's so cool! Hey, have you seen the Garfield Haloween Special at all? You know what? It is usually on every single year for Haloween, but it wasn't this past year! I was so mad!

Cinthya: Ay mierda girl! So you saw Armageddon? It was good then? You should see Haloween:H20! I want to so bad! I was supposed to this past weekend with Kristin, but she got sick! Oh,I finally signed your guestbook too! Those pics on your page are so awesome!!!!! Uffe looks so hot in them!!!! So how is it with Michael? Is everything okej now? I mean are you feeling a bit better about that whole thing you told me about?

272. Courtney Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Thu Aug 13 02:42:48 CDT 1998


I have no idea when I'll be back to being Coeur queen of the Cafe, becuase right now I'm not in a good state. My latin exam was extremely difficult and I complete lost my marbles as we say in English just before I went in, which didn't help, out of fear for this exam. I'm pretty sure I didn't even pass it and I'm very scared of the outcome and I just thank you all for liking me for reasons other than my mental ability. I know this sounds humorous, but I was extremely u[set by this I almost felt I was going out of my mind and I don't know how well I'm going to handle this. I don't want to stay away form you, because you've done nothing wrong, but I can barely live with myself let alone trying to get other people to stand the pressure I have in my head right now. I'm really very upset and scared about this and there's nothing I can do...I feel like I'm in my worst nightmare and everything is falling in around me.

John// please don't stress over this, I really mean it. I can't help this. I want everything to be okay but I don't know whether it is and I'm going crazy with worry.

I'll have to go I'm so worn out with this I can't stop crying right now

271. Cinthya ccpcozma@ctc-mundo.net
Thu Aug 13 00:23:59 CDT 1998

Hi Hi Hi there!!!

I went to see Armageddon: hmm, nice A.J...oops!, I mean MOVIE!;)

Paloma>> te gusto mi angelito?!!, aaay que bien!, por que estuve a punto de enviarte un osito explosivo, que le saltaban las tripas y todo eso...pero al final pense que un angelito con una abeja explosiva iba a estar bien! *lol*, bueno, sobre mi novio: hoy fuimos a ver Armageddon, la pasamos mmmuy bien!: el es un amor!...y SI!!!, definitivamente creo que POR ULTIMO podre darle en el ego a Jose!: le mande a decir con una amiga mi "quote": "no dejes que otro se quede con lo que es tuyo": haber como reacciona!...y haber si esta tontorrona se lo dice tambien!;), y sobre la parte mas romantica...hmm, pues nop!, no me dio un beso: SE PUSO A LLORAR! *lol*, puedes creerlo?!!,ahaha, asi que carlitos ya te arto uh?, hmm, me tienes que contar eso! *lol*: no te preocupes si no me puedes escribir, hazlo cuando puedas! *TQAM*

Che Super Noël!>> NICE big post!!!, I like it a lot!!!:), and "tus monos!": WOW!, your soldiers looks OK!!: can you make me a date with one of them? *lol*

John>> HEY!!, I read what you wrote in my guestbook: AAARRRRGGG, you are a BAD guy!!!...but I must admit it: it was...hmm, EXTREMELY funny!!, but as you could see: YES, I have a brain, and with lots of neurons, and not with just one like my friends thinks it is! (they think they are too machos saying that...just like YOU!)...and you will see then: I will be the next Bill Gates!!

Mona>>ok!!, yo le voy a escribir muy muy pronto a la chica de España, yo tambien tengo ganas de escribirle!;)

Annje>>yes!!, as I told you on ICQ last night (nice chatting with ya girl!: as always), I got your e-mail!, and I'll replied tomorrow morning I think: I couldn't do it today 'cause I went to the theatre with my boyfriend: we saw Armageddon, and you know what he said?: he said I look like Liv Tylor!!, can you belive it??!!!, and well, I just said: "hmm, ja, right honey": he is so dumb! *lol*, aaah, anyway, boyfriends are boyfriends!;) and about that meeting, well, I couldn't go and met another acers *sniff*, but I hope to go next time!: see you around!

Nacho>> aaaahhh, adivina que?!!: mi papa no va a pagar la cuenta telefonica!!!!, bueno, por lo menos no me odia!!, solo me dijo "hmm, haber si puedes vivir sin telefono!" y con esa risa que te da rabia que suelen tener los padres de hoy en dia (ya no los hacen como antes) me desafio a tratar de matarme para que se convensa de que "NO" puedo-vivir-sin-teLEfono!: y donde queda el futuro de Chile!!!!, me va a causar una "tranca infantil!", aaaahhh noooo, es que no voy a poder ir a dar la P.A.A. si es que me corta el telefono!: ya no me siento en condiciones! (andá!, cuando he estado en condiciones POR FAVORRRR!!!), en fin: como esta la Alicia?!, ya se fue?, cuando vuelve de nuevo? aaaahh, yo queria verla! *sniff*, si nada me funciona!!

ok, me voy ahora:

chaocito everybody!;)

270. Brian Ecobrat@msn.com
Wed Aug 12 23:20:51 CDT 1998

Søldier Bagel// Bumber about that hacker. He must be VERY experienced to do that and very dangerous! He must have a special hacking program to do all that. I would suggest you get a fire wall which probably won't help against him, but would be worth a try. Also try some other security things (which also might not help) and turning off the comp wasn't good for the comp, but in a way it was.

269. Paloma genex@chih1.uninet.net.mx
Wed Aug 12 21:46:13 CDT 1998


Thank you for all Acers that wished me a happy B-day!

Cinthya>>Hola amiga!! Muchísimas gracias por el e-mail con el angelito, es *demasiado* tierno! y muy gracioso también!!! me reí mucho!! jaja! es gracioso eso de que me puedas hacer un show llorando!! *lol* Te creo Cinthya, se que eres una magnífica actriz!! :) Bueno, y como te fue con tu novio? Cuentame por favor!! Seguramente en la parte más romántica te dió un beso, no? ahh, que romántico!! :) Pues sí, mira tienes dos opciones olvidar a José o (más divertido) hacerlo sufrir con Michael!! Yo creo que le diste en el "ego", y te aseguro que después de la disco se fue a su casa y empezo a patear lo que fuera, y con los puños cerrados golpeaba las paredes!! Bueno, creo que "Carlos" ya paso a la historia!! Puedes creerlo? pero hay otro tipo que está muy guapo, no he cruzado ni media palabra con él, pero es tan lindo!! Me gustaría tener tiempo para escribirte en está semana, pero creo que no podré hasta el viernes!! Es que tengo montones de trabajo en la escuela!! :( En mi e-mail te tengo que contar tanto!! *TQAM*

Che Noëlki>>Thanks for the e-mail!! :) And also thank you very much for the congratulations (see below) *lol* Los colores están muy padres!! Muchas gracias!! :)

John>>Thank you!! I am 15 years old now!! haha, I am getting old!! *lol*

Dayna and Pablo>>Thank you guys!! :-)

Annje>>Thanks a lot Annje!! :) MMM, unfortunately I couldn't get any Garfield presents, but my friends at school made a cool thing for me: They send school many colorful ballons fro me!! It was so big, and it had a really cute teddy bear inside!! :) And also all of my online friends say cute and nice things!! :)

Mona>>Hola Mona!! Muchas gracias por las felicitaciones!! Oye, que mala onda lo que le paso a tu computadora!! :( Espero que ya no tengas más problemas! Te gustaría que te mandará mi último e-mail?

Nacho>>Que lindo!! Muchas gracias por tus felicitaciones!! :) Entonces espero tu e-mail, o.k.? Gracias!

That's all 4 now!!

Bye Acers!! :)

Cinthya>>Hola amiga!! Muchísimas gracias por el e-mail con el angelito, es *demasiado* tierno! y muy gracioso también!!! me reí mucho!! jaja! es gracioso eso de que me puedas hacer un show llorando!! *lol* Te creo Cinthya, se que eres una magnífica actriz!! :) Bueno, y como te fue con tu novio? Cuentame por favor!! Seguramente en la parte más romántica te dió un beso, no? ahh, que romántico!! :) Pues sí, mira tienes dos opciones olvidar a José o (más divertido) hacerlo sufrir con Michael!! Yo creo que le diste en el "ego", y te aseguro que después de la disco se fue a su casa y empezo a patear lo que fuera, y con los puños cerrados golpeaba las paredes!! Bueno, creo que "Carlos" ya paso a la historia!! Puedes creerlo? pero hay otro tipo que está muy guapo, no he cruzado ni media palabra con él, pero es tan lindo!! Me gustaría tener tiempo para escribirte en está semana, pero creo que no podré hasta el viernes!! Es que tengo montones de trabajo en la escuela!! :( En mi e-mail te tengo que contar tanto!! *TQAM*

Che Noëlki>>Thanks for the e-mail!! :) And also thank you very much for the congratulations (see below) *lol* Los colores están muy padres!! Muchas gracias!! :)

John>>Thank you!! I am 15 years old now!! haha, I am getting old!! *lol*

Dayna and Pablo>>Thank you guys!! :-)

Annje>>Thanks a lot Annje!! :) MMM, unfortunately I couldn't get any Garfield presents, but my friends at school made a cool thing for me: They send school many colorful ballons fro me!! It was so big, and it had a really cute teddy bear inside!! :) And also all of my online friends say cute and nice things!! :)

Mona>>Hola Mona!! Muchas gracias por las felicitaciones!! Oye, que mala onda lo que le paso a tu computadora!! :( Espero que ya no tengas más problemas! Te gustaría que te mandará mi último e-mail?

Nacho>>Que lindo!! Muchas gracias por tus felicitaciones!! :) Entonces espero tu e-mail, o.k.? Gracias!

That's all 4 now!!

Bye Acers!! :)

268. Pablo hourglass@softhome.net
Wed Aug 12 21:23:09 CDT 1998

HEj Acers!!!

Liz>I emalied you..I went to your page!!!:9 soe critics on it..all in a good mood!!!

Danita>Hi!!! yep I understood.sorry but it is hard for me to leave chats...ugh..sorry..:)

Annje>I undernsta I ussually crash too!!! don't worry..just emailed you..

John>I'm gonna sk the mailman for the package..it is not here yet!! ugh..

hm what else can I say..i guess nothign.. gotta go..bubye...Later Acer... Pablo.

267. Liseberg gerreaux@hotmail.com
Wed Aug 12 21:03:13 CDT 1998

Søldier Bagel : OH MYYY!! What a bummer...ugh. :(

266. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Wed Aug 12 19:34:48 CDT 1998

Pablo and Dayna: Argh...sorry about leaving offline like that...see I had like 8 people IM-ing me on ICQ, and then when I have that combined with AOL IM's, it jacks my system, and I crashed! I can't believe it...I blame AoL!

Coeur: Salut Fröken Drotting Coeur a la AoB Café (woah, that was a mix!)! Je sais tu est très très occupé est tu as plus de stress! J'espoir ton examen est ne pas de si difficile pour toi, est je souhait toi plus de chance avec cette! Quand tu as temps envoye moi retour, c' est d' accord, je comprends! (merde, mon Français est merde! Je suis desolée!!)

265. Courtney Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Wed Aug 12 17:25:40 CDT 1998

Hi Guys.. really need your prayers for the next ten hours or so until I'm done with my latin....

Annje// got your mail..I will mail you back soon

You too Mona//I have your new addy don't worry :)

JB// Damn work..I know even school work is not nice :( (JADSSSSSSSM SMTIH)

Bye for now

264. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Wed Aug 12 17:21:58 CDT 1998

Oh my God, I am such a moron.....I can't believe I did that!!!

Noël...sorry about that,I got you and Søren Bagel confused! Oops! Sorry, I'm having confusing days lately!

263. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Wed Aug 12 17:19:16 CDT 1998

Noëlito-Frø: Ay mierda, that really sucks about that hacker! Do you know who it was? Or if they know you? Please excuse, but I'm * a bit duh* at that kinda stuff, so I have like no idea how hacker's work! This is odd, someone hacked you and Mona...hmmm, I don't like this at all! Anyways, was that you who I got an *You Were Added* from on ICQ?

Dayna: Sorry about that.....told ya, my mom is a SNAG! She and my dad are BITCHING at me non-stop because the someone found out that I plan on going to Europe next summer for vacation....like she can do anything about it anyways...erm, oh, bad news, check your eMail....you'll see what I mean....god I hate Arista, they need punched!

262. Dayna bpm94@hotmail.com
Wed Aug 12 17:05:35 CDT 1998

Howdy Acers!!!

Annje--->I got your e-mails, bummer about the airfare deals. Well, it looks like we should sit tight for a bit anyway, and see what happens here. I'll be in touch...

Carry on smiling...:)

261. Søldier Bagel
Wed Aug 12 16:26:40 CDT 1998

Hey everyone!


Holy crap! I had the BIGGEST scare ever a few minutes ago. Someone hacked into my computer, made my printer start printing for absolutely no reason, and then my computer shut down. I restarted it, and I went online again. When I did, some strange person on ICQ kept sending me messages, requesting XXX pix of me or he would delete all my Aqua stuff. Then, he said he was going to delete Quake. I shut the computer off and unplugged it and disconnected the phone line. I waited about a half hour, and when I started up my puter again, my Quake game was missing. Thank god I had an extra copy in another part, so I installed it again. That's why I got a new ICQ#, so you can delete my old user because It doesn't exist anymore. I want to kill that guy...


Same with you, you can add the new me to your list. Hey, it's ok about ICQ! It always happens to me too...GRRR! [|>:0(

Bye everyone!

260. Brian Ecobrat@msn.com
Wed Aug 12 16:17:10 CDT 1998

Simon & Gerfunkel's "Cecilia"
I have the RealAudio and Wave clip of cecilia up. The RA file is the full song.

Click here for the Cecilia RealAudio file.
Click here for the Cecilia Wave File.

259. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Wed Aug 12 15:02:01 CDT 1998

Mona: OPj no, guess what happened?? Well Rachel is back from Cali, and she eMailed me....well you know how her and I had got pics taken in front of the Ace of Base basketball court in Venice Beach? Well her friend who went with us, Julie, she had both our cameras, and she took the pic of me and Rachel with Rachel's camera, and one of Rachel and some weirdo who popped up in the area with my camera! LMAO, but Rachel will send me a copy of it, and I'll see if she can send me a negative of it or something so I can get copies made to send you! Okej, that's great about the mags thing...we can just do more trades! Speaking of which, that *hemlig* stuff will be here soon! Jippiii!!! Why no word from Svof...let me tell you....el cerdo meurda, hahaha! LOL! Ja, I *may* go to Finland...I explained it in my eMail...well not all of it, but I will for sure have to go to Germany first though, and I'm checking into going to Sweden and Finland if I can..see I really have to go to Gemany so I can *get used* to it when I have to study abroad there for a year or so. But I think I can manage Finland and Sweden, I gotta check! :)

Dayna: Hahah, I got you on AoL IM's! Cool! Guess what? My mom went home...GOOD! I don't want her here anyways! Sorry about that *stuff* I explained that is their fault in the eMail, don't worry though, we WILL think of something else, that's for sure!

Najs: Jag skickt dig en eMail..förlåt för hur en idiot jag är! Aj Fan! Nöje chat siste natt! LMAO, och du verkligen smiskt John upp hannes huvud för när jag sägt han till tala dig *Hej Kompis* och han säger det du sägt tillbacka *Fuck You*!!! Han är så daligt! Go girl!! :)

Sølder Bagel: Oops, you mean you got all those nasty storms from Pittsburgh? You can send them back I guess! LOL! Sorry about ICQ...it was PMSing on me or something, and not sending messages to you! Or did you get them? Argh, ICQ sucks!!

James; You're back!!! We missed you, especially me and Liseberg!!! Hope everything's okej!

JohnBerg: Daligt fågel!!! Skickt eMails från din arbetet!! j/k! Hej....Captain Jack nu!!! :) Jag skickt dig tillbacka!

258. Mona
Wed Aug 12 14:33:10 CDT 1998

See ya tomorrow! :)


257. Mona florlinn@tvi.cc.nm.us (not valid until 24-48 hrs)
Wed Aug 12 14:16:31 CDT 1998

Okay... I just signed up for a NEW email, but I won't be able to use it for another 24 - 48 hours. So, if you have ANYTHING important, urgent to email me about / ask me about, then can you send it to my jomajeulf@hotmai.com account? :) Otherwise, your email MAY get returned, or if it won't, then I may NOT get it... ;) Tack... :) Something went wrong, so ppl had to lock my account. :( Well, the bad thing is that I'll lose all my emails and folders on my "mkasaus" screen name. The good thing is that I called, and the guy in charge CAN send me everything!!!! :) :) Plus, as of 24 - 48 hours, my NEW email is: florlinn@tvi.cc.nm.us Please change your addy books!!! :)

Noel: Hola, hola, chico! :) Yeah.. sometimes I forget, and I use "letra" instead of "carta..." ;) Andele... si cambiaste con Annje de los casetes... ;) Yeah, that's what someone said from Canada... this girl was called... well.. I don't remember!! :)

Annje: Hej, hej! Don't worry about the money for the magazines... we'll just do more trades, okay? :) I heard from Hanna-Reetta that you MAY go to Finland!! heja!!! That'd be super!!!!!!! Jippi!! I am already getting mental pictures of the two of you! LOL! ;) Fun, fun, fun!!! :) Nej, I haven't caught CS on VH1!! Soon!! :) :) Nej... inte ord från SVOF!!! Wonder why?? LOL! ;)

John: Hej!! :) Hur mår du? ;)

Najs: Oj.. tack!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) Any luck with the Linnie article? Happy pics??? :) I still have that article for you! :)

256. Mark mgershk@hotmail.com
Wed Aug 12 13:55:39 CDT 1998

Mia> Mia I'm a friend of Amanda's and I'm sending you the CS album, and she is sending me FLOWERS because I'm from CANADA and I don't have that.

Please e-mail me back.



255. Brian Ecobrat@msn.com
Wed Aug 12 13:15:16 CDT 1998

I was going through my mom's old records and I found Simon & Garfunkle's Cecilia on their greatest hits album. And it IS SO FUNNY!!! and AoB's is totalyl different and better! I'm going to make a RealAudio full of it and a wave clip of it. heheheeh it's FUNNY!

254. James acer4ever@hotmail.com
Wed Aug 12 12:50:41 CDT 1998

Hi everybody!

I've been to busy to post lately, though I've been TH. I'll keep coming back here and reading - just so you all know. : )

John: Your trip over here was a good way, no? Hehe!

253. Dayna bpm94@hotmail.com
Wed Aug 12 11:43:40 CDT 1998

Howdy Acers!!!

Johnny-Bear--->Yes, stop teasing me!!! I can't take it!!! Waaaaahhhhh...*kidding* OK, so how is it going back at work? I bet it sucked. How's yer mum? yer brothers? um, how's Johan? how's Carlos? hahaha...did I get everyone? HEY! Remember that girl from Germany we met at the baseball game? I saw her jogging down the street yesterday! She must live right by me!!! I lost her e-mail addy she gave us; do you have it? damn...

Annje--->I got AOL IM all set up. My on screen name is AcerDayna (how original; Sparkles was TAKEN!!!) so add my to your Buddy List and hit me with a message sometime. Bummer about NetMeeting last night! too funny!!! I stayed on and waited for you until 2:00, then zonked out. Let me know as sson as you get a mic; it is very cool!

Pablito--->Nice chat last night, sorry I had to dump you. You understand, I hope. We'll chat again tomorrow. Where's my e-mail, HUH? hahahahahaha***

Amelia--->Did you get my e-mail?

Carry on smiling...:)

252. Søldier Bagel
Wed Aug 12 10:25:12 CDT 1998


Hey! Was there some storm you had a few days ago? Thank you very much! Now I'm stuck with it!! Oh well...*snore* it's raining sooooo hard and I might get electricuted! YAY! hahaha [|:p I really have to go!! hahaha bye!

251. Najs
Wed Aug 12 06:39:39 CDT 1998

Annje, Hrm..I thought John would be a nice guy..you know make my bed..you know etc..hehehe, but he's such a...erm..jerk..j/k..Yes, he's funny..erm..when he's not tired..He's always tired..Hrm, anyway..Thank you so much for sending CS single..You're the best girl!! :-)

John. Tja Man får väl hoppas att duu inte har mycket att göra idag..Fasst det där kan man bara titta efter i månen..Din moder och jag satt säkert och prata i en timma förrut..Kul! tja, ska nog slänha in mig i duschen för att sedan köpa cig..Börjar bli vän med din tagnent bord..*klappar tagnentbordet lätt* Duktig pånke!! tja..Vi ses som sagt!

Mona, I sent your Uffe articles yesterday :-) Hope you'll like them..well..Who wouldn't!!! mmmmmmm. yummi! :-)

Take Care!!
**Najs**-The one and only!!

250. Liseberg gerreaux@hotmail.com
Wed Aug 12 06:22:55 CDT 1998

Dayna: =)

Annje: Hehe..I was up til 2/2:30! Geez..anyway, don't worry about making a mistake! Doesn't matter...Hmm, and if you don't have any ?s, use something else..quotes maybe- things that you ALWAYS say or quotes that you said as a reply to an answer to something. :)

249. John
Wed Aug 12 01:35:56 CDT 1998

I wish I could reply to all .. dam work hahahaha

CB: thanx for the email :) JÄD!

Dayna: hahaha no .. you don't drank when we where there haha just wanna tease you hahahahahaah did I succed?

Annje: Go sleep hahaha fun chat! and don't force Najs to tell everyone I'm a boring person :) naughty fågel!

Najs: Trött! hahaha nja okay... skall försöka sluta tidigare idag haha wish me luck! vi ses.

Arrgg WORK!!!!

248. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Wed Aug 12 00:20:54 CDT 1998

Coeur and Dayna: Oops, sorry I didn't mean to have those posts to both of you smashed together, it is just WAY past my bedtime, and I am doing really stupide things here! Sorry about that! :)

247. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Wed Aug 12 00:19:26 CDT 1998

Liseberg: Aj Fan!!! I just got your eMail, and DAMN are you up LATE too!!! LMAO! Anyways, I cannt believe what a COMPLETE moron I am, I mean how I answered the wrong questions! LMAO!! So I have to come up with my own questions to answer? That people ask me alot? Hmm...I actually have no idea what people ask me! What should I do?

Coeur: J'envoye toi une eMail.....je suis très très pour quel idiote je suis!!! :) Dayna: Tell ya what, see I am up WAY late here, because in like 2 hours VH1's Insomniac Theatre is on, and I wanna see if they'll play Cruel Summer, so I will go to that site, and download it while i wait! I don't have amicrophone yet, but this week I have to go shopping (hahah at IKEA...the BEST place!!!!) for college stuff, and I also have to get a new co,our ink cartridge for my printer, so I plan on getting a microphone too! LMFAO, so you'll be able to hear my weird accent!!!

246. Dayna bpm94@hotmail.com
Tue Aug 11 23:56:12 CDT 1998

Howdy Acers!!!

Annje--->Well, it's a free DL, and if you have it, if you have a microphone and speakers on your puter, we can talk and hear each others voices...You can get it at www.download.com. Let me know when you have it!

Lizzie--->On the way...*smiles*

Carry on smiling...:)

245. Brian Ecobrat@msn.com
Tue Aug 11 23:01:34 CDT 1998

Pablo// hi

I'm SO BORED!!!!!! AJ FAN! I wanna bug someone

244. nacho igallegu@hotmail.com
Tue Aug 11 22:39:58 CDT 1998

Paloma pinky: FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!!!espero que lo estes pasando super bien en tu dia!!! pronto te escribo un mail ok?

243. Liseberg gerreaux@hotmail.com
Tue Aug 11 21:35:21 CDT 1998

Dayna: *lmao* Anyway, sure! I'd love to see more..! =)

Courtney: Oi! What a life...;)

242. Courtney Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Tue Aug 11 21:25:01 CDT 1998

JB// tack for e-mailet :) I sent you one to work yesterday but it got sent back so you should find it when you arrive at work :)

Maths 4 unit was...a laugh..so damn ridiculously hard that....oh well doesn't matter too much it's suppsoed to be that hard apparently :) I'm actually not too worried, which makes me think I did really badly...

Liz// it's not too bad today...but I'm just so worn out..I can barely move..I keep falling asleep If I sit still doing nothing for too long :), cause I have to close my eyes often...just what I need degenerative eye condition at 17...yikes!

241. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Tue Aug 11 21:13:56 CDT 1998

Dayna: NetMeeting? What's that, and how do I know if I have it?

Sølder Bagel: Great chat we had! Argh, you're not here now! Crap! Green hair on Søren, LMAO! And that's still cute about how you randomly came up with "Noëlito-Frø"!!! He's going to maul us!

Noëltio-Frø: *lol*!!! We're just teasing you with the name, actually it's pretty cute, don't you think? It's our pet name for you! Anyways, get your arsel back online soon, we wanna hear more Juressica Park stories, and about surfing the net upside down, and rotting on the couch!

240. Dayna bpm94@hotmail.com
Tue Aug 11 20:48:51 CDT 1998

Howdy Acers!!!

Annje--->I don't have it DLed yet, so as soon as I get a name I'll tell ya! I have no idea how to work it, so I'll need a lesson or two. Do you have NetMeeting?

Lizzie--->Thank you so much! I just pulled it out of my butt, and it turned out ok. *giggle* I have a few other samples, if you want to see any of them, let me know! I went goofy with my scanner one day...:)

Pablito--->See you at 10:00...

Carry on smiling...:)

239. Søldier Bagel dcoady@firstcity.net
Tue Aug 11 20:32:42 CDT 1998



This is your punishment for not going online!!! We are going to call you Noëlito-Frø! Or, Little Noël Froggy, for the english. U like? I thought you might!! Bye bye Noëlito-Frø! LMAO!!!! hahahaha [|;0)

238. RobbieG
Tue Aug 11 18:06:15 CDT 1998


237. Liseberg gerreaux@hotmail.com
Tue Aug 11 17:40:00 CDT 1998

Pablo: OHHHHH!!! Guess what? You know how I'm into writing, right? Well, I *finally* opened up a new webpage where I'm putting up some of my stories for everyone to read! :) Interested in seeing it?

Hmmm...if anyone's interested in reading anything, you can check out my new page too...There's not really a lot of stories there YET, but I plan on having a lot there..Especially three series' worth of *very* special stories. :) ~> Betheshire Library

236. Liseberg gerreaux@hotmail.com
Tue Aug 11 17:36:07 CDT 1998

OI! Why haven't I been in here for awhile? Doh Liz..Anyone mind if I continuously walk into a walk a few times? ;)

Pablo: Hi hi! =)

Dayna: Hello to you too, dear! :) Btw, I love the ..er .. pass thing you made..Very cool..

Courtney: Oh! Poor you...It must be pretty agravating, huh? Well, just to make you feel better- I'm in some pain too. Hehe. I'm getting a bunch of headaches because of the heat/whatever and my arm's starting to hurt again...*sigh* I think a group of us Acers are pain-prone. ;) Et, bonne chance (on your exams). =)

New persons: Hello, hello! =)

235. Annje-Fågel Annelida3@aol.com
Tue Aug 11 17:21:33 CDT 1998

Pablo: Well I have AoL IM thing because well...hehe I have AoL....what's your screen name for it? Let me know and I'll add you to my Buddy List, so when ICQ decides not to work we can chat via that! :)

Dayna: Hey Minnesotan with a Norwegian head and a German butt, LMBO, or was it the other way around? What's your AoL screen name? I have AoL IM too, so let me know and I'll add you to my Buddy List too! We still need to go *shopping* again!

Noël: Awww, so that's what that means! Well it's very cute nickname! I still feel bad about you-know-what, so please let me know about the idea I told you about in my eMail, because on Friday I'll be getting that *stuff*, so please let me know! I hope everything's okej with you, and that you're happily rotting on your couch! :)

Cinthya: Ay mierda! You got my eMail!!!! Well from now on I'll eMail you from that on then, since it's much easier, and I don't have to log in like I do with internet mails, and well my AoL eMail addy gets it sent back! So you got a new boyfriend? Did you meet him at the disco? That's so great!!!! Ay mierda! Pablo told me about how you and some other Chilean Acers met this past weekend, that's so cool! Hope to catch you online soon girl, it's been so long! I miss our silly chats!

Paloma: Grattis på Födelsedagen!!!!! I hope you have a great Birthday and get lots of Garfield presents!!! And I hope to see you on ICQ soon, maybe on Thursday night when you and Cinthya are in here posting! :)

Mona: Oj tack!!! Let me know if you can find anything, and I'll send you the money for it!!!! I wish Pittsburgh had imports of magazines! But....I *do* have an idea, which I need to eMail you and Swan about, it's concerning my vacation for next summer! So have you caught Cruel Summer on VH1 yet? I ahvn't but, since some people have seen it, I think tonight I may stay up and see if I can watch Insomniac Theatre and catch it, if not I'll set my VCR! Any word from Svof lately?

Najs: Hej kompis! Så du och John slutligen träfft!!! Coolt! Har dig båda en bra tid? Vara han så roligt i person så i här? Tala Mia jag siger *Hej*!!! Aj Fan, det (jag tänke??) Danksa!!!!

234. RobbieG
Tue Aug 11 17:00:20 CDT 1998



It's Called "Active Acer's" It's a newsletter filled with AOB news, how AOB is doing around the world, when AOB will be appearing on TV and tour dates, chart positions, how you can help aob, and so much more stuff! ActiveAcer is for the true Ace of Base fan! Signup today at http://activeacer.listbot.com/ And start supporting Ace of Base!

233. Anne boa58@hotmail.com
Tue Aug 11 16:03:11 CDT 1998

right now Liaf is 15 and CS (with alliage) is 40 And for the sale Liaf is 27 And CS is about 43 for this it isnot official it s just for the shop! How is Aob in your charts?

232. Søldier Bagel dcoady@firstcity.net
Tue Aug 11 15:43:45 CDT 1998


LMAO!! hahaha you were just online but not ICQ! oh you big poopie head! Mabye I'll call you Noëlito...little Noël! hahaha that's so cute! [|:0P Oh yeah, sorry about flooding your ICQ with messages! I guess I didn't realise how many I was sending!!! Sorry! *lmao*


You're not on ICQ yet today.......:( It's just so boring when everyone's offline besides me! hahaha either that or I get to talk with dumb Monkee lover hippies!! [|;O)


231. Noël xphile4ever@geocities.com
Tue Aug 11 15:09:55 CDT 1998

*LOL* I was just teasing you! Yeah, I admit, it makes me feel very "mimado", but I really don't care [|:0) hey! you know what... I'm not sure of something: tu usas "letra" para decir "carta"?? *LOL* nunca habia escuchado "muchisimo-MENTO", y menos "muchisimo-miento" LOL!! it sounds cool though!!! hehe... you said "digame"... that makes me feel so old!! *lol* you can say "dime", aun no soy un viejito [|:0) Oh! y acerca de las fotos/articulo que te envié: no te preocupes, esas si las puedes usar porque yo no soy el unico que las tengo en el internet [|:0) las entrevistas en el caset las quiero "trade" con otros Acers y nomas queria asegurarme de que el intercambio funcionara, that's all [|:0) Jenny dancing at the Sky Dome? hehe, I don't know about that?? but I know the Dome is used for a lot of things, from basketball & football games to fairs and stuff like that... but that's very cool [|:0)

Annje-Fågel, Søldier Bagel,
PPP, Cerebro, Nacho,
Swan, Liat!!!!!!!

I'll be extremely busy in the next few days, needless to say, I won't be around on ICQ/Café/TH [|:0( see you guys soon!!

230. The American AOB Fanclub jomajeulf@hotmai.com
Tue Aug 11 14:04:42 CDT 1998

The American AOB Fanclub is a fanclub for EVERYONE in the world!!!!


Issue #7 (New Releases Issue) is packed with lots of stuff!! News, a fan's 15 minute meeting with AOB, part two of the HitLine USA radio interview with AOB (it's hilarious), and you can also order U.S. merchandise!! The CS album, the CS single, and the CS maxi single! Not only that... you can also order a video tape with American interviews, videos, video versions, and a bonus 45-minute interview AND perf show from Mexico!! In stereo!! :)

Email: jomajeulf@hotmail.com

* !! *

229. Dayna bpm94@hotmail.com
Tue Aug 11 13:44:38 CDT 1998

Howdy Acers!!! I was out of town for a few days, kinda feel out of it!

Pablito--->I got your e-mail about AOL Instant Messanger, and will DL it today! I just saw you on icq, and I'm going to write your e-mail now...nice day here, so I want to go to the beach!!!

Johnny-Bear--->Now, don't go saying those things! These people are gonna think I'm a lush! I'M NOT! How many times did I drink while you were here??? ZERO, NONE, NADA, NOLL...so shut up. hahahaha. Are you picking on me because you just miss me so damn much? LOL


Annje--->Welcome Back!

Aggie--->I'm dyin' here...*S*

And BIG ACER HELLOS to all the New People in here...WOW! There was alot in the last few days!

Carry on smiling...:)

228. Mona
Tue Aug 11 13:27:12 CDT 1998

Noel: (Again! LOL!) I also loved both of your postcards!! Wow! Torronto is very beautiful! :) You know what the *first* thing was that popped into my head when I saw the SkyDome one? Well, I remember someone mentioned here 1.5 years ago telling us that when Jenny went to Torronto, she went dancing at the Sky Dome. DOn't know... ;) Oj, and Annje made me a copy of those Canuck radio interviews!! Wow!! So cool!! :) Thanx for making those copies for her! :) :) :) :)

227. Mona
Tue Aug 11 13:18:57 CDT 1998

Rosie: ¡Hola! Gracias por tu email y por tu dirrecion de correo!! Si!! Te escribo en estos dias, ¿eh? :) Tan buen idea!! :)

226. Mona
Tue Aug 11 13:06:13 CDT 1998

Noel (una vez mas): Escrbí.. "muchisimo-miento"... digo... "muchisimo-MENTO"... no "miente."! LOL! ;)

Cinthya (una vez mas): Oj... ayer llego la carta de Maria de España, y ella me dijo que desea que le mandes una carta.. ;)

John: Hejsan?! :) How are you?? :) Haven't heard from youa... ;)

225. Mona jomajeulf@hotmail.com
Tue Aug 11 12:59:08 CDT 1998

Everyone: I can't check my email right now because someone on a previous computer I was sitting on just happened to hack into other accounts, so rather, they asked me to close it because they'll look into it, and it's now locked... ;)

SuperNova: Hi there! :) Yeah, I have to agree with Noel. I also thought you were female all along.. LOL! ;) The 'Net / screen names *can* be awfully tricky, huh? ;)

Annje: Hejsan, Svejsan! :) Not in NM!! ;) We get several imported magazines! We get a ton of Mexican ones of music, teen mags, movies, soaps, entertainment, etc such as Eres, Tú, Furia Musical, and others that I can't remember at the moment. Plus, we also get the British teen magazine of Sugar! Cool, huh? :) I will keep my eyes peeled out for any Ace stuff in them!!! And, if you can't get it in PA, I can buy them for you, okay? :)

¡¡¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Paloma!!!

Jeejee... ¡Feliz cumpleaños, chica! :) Deseo que tengas buen cumpleaños hoy y por muchos años en tu futuro. :) ¿Porque no me acordaste? LOL! ;) Ni pensé en preguntar en que dia era.... ;) Es mi culpa... Te escribo prontito cuando el systema está en orden... ;)

Annje: Hahahaha! Yeah... but still... that was sooo embarrassing... ;( I mean, the lab tech actually read my printout's title on the screen as "Sex Without Love Hurts," and he has absolutely inte idé what it was about... :Þ So... what's the stats? Will you, afterall, play volleyball? :) Oj, and about that thing you mentioned about in your email... nej, det är inte folken vem du tror... nej... det är det samma flicka jag pratar dig om.... More in the email when it's up... ;)

Noël: Okey... desculpa que hago todo posible a no llamarte "Noelito," eh? ;) Te ngo toda culpa... ;) Muchisimas gracias!!!!!! Ya me llego tu paquete del articulo, tu letra, y del foto chico de AOB!!! Muchisimas gracias, chico!!!!!!! :) Me encanta mucho!!! :) ó muchisimo-miento!! :) hahaha... Is that a funny Mexican tongue twister, or what?! LOL! ;) Andele... no hago copias a nadia, ¿eh? :) Y.... ¿Como le hago de escañar los fotos para mi fanzine no. 8? Puedo, ó tambien no quieres? ;) Bueno... nomas digame... :)

Cinthya y Nacho: Si!! Ayer me llego la carta con el dinero de Alicia!! :) ¿Me lo pasas a ella que ya llego todo bien? :) Dile que le envio un email prontito, *y* tambien le mandaré su revista y una letra en esta semana! :) Cinthya, te envio un email prontito tambien, ¿eh? :) Si.... puedo grabarte las cintas...ó...?? ;)

Courtney: *sigh of relief* Oj, thank goodness... ;) I'm sooo glad you understand... because, if you have more time, I'd be able to further discuss that AND other stuff as I've mentioned in my email... ;) Oj.. okay.. then I'll wait, but when you have *free* time, I'm hoping to hear from you... :)

Alex: Hey there! :) Oj, so glad you got my bday card! I didn't forget.. I was just lazy... ;) Okay.. Hoping to hear from you soon... :) You still don't have the CS album?? Hmmm.. it's wonderful!!! :) Same with Flowers!! :) Yeah!! I also taped the CS video off The Box in Abq AND on ET!! YOu didn't see the ET broadcast premiere? It was on last Sunday before this one that just passed!! :) Awesome, awesome, awesome! :)

224. Pablo hourglass@softhome.net
Tue Aug 11 12:05:23 CDT 1998


john>the package is not here yet..ugh...:(

Dayna>I almost fall asleep too!!! LOL..hey email me soon...:)***gotta tell you somethigns...hehe..

Cinthya>si en realidad a las 4 am es muy tarde..o temprano?LOL


Shelly>LOL..yes..hey have fun!!


Annje> do you ever get online on the AOL instant message?...I DL it..and as ICQ don't work in college for me I'm using that too...:)..help me convince some more people to DL it too...including you know who..LOL..:)



223. Brian Ecobrat@msn.com
Tue Aug 11 10:41:22 CDT 1998

Annje// I'll explain how I made them over ICQ. Also I made um, 7-9 more (I forget how many) hahahahha you're funny, I can't stay up to 1am!!!!!! I'll have to record it (which I will) damn it, I gotta find my mom's ashtray so I can cover it, I smell the ashes. eeeewww, okej I covered it.

John// I forgot what I was gonna say =o]

222. Darwin V v_darwin@hotmail.com
Tue Aug 11 10:36:10 CDT 1998

hi, ace I just wanted to say you'r great group and keep up! also i was wondering if it hard to keep musical shedule? what mean is their alot hard work in the music business!

Keep smiling guys!

221. Najs at John's place
Tue Aug 11 04:31:24 CDT 1998

John, så rätt så..Din tagnentbräda är hrm, konstig...Har satt på din..hehehe radio nu..hörde att du knapprade i morse...hrm..Varför skriver jag till dig nu när jag kan förolämpa dig i verkligheten hehehe. Du ska se din bror..Vadå blyg..haha aldrig :-)

Annje, Hehehe, How calm things are, now when John is at wrok...great!! Yep..I thought he was really weird when I saw his HUGE collection of AoB records..Jesus!!!

Arg, nothing much to write,,See ya'!

Take Care
**Najs**-The one and only!!!

220. Rem rusanov@utel.com.ua
Tue Aug 11 04:13:35 CDT 1998

Hi people,

Looks like you have fun here! If you are nice people, please e-mail me and we can talk about everything. Thanks, Rem

219. Drake KKD52@aol.com
Tue Aug 11 03:09:48 CDT 1998

Hey everyone...I just came here from the other message board to inform you all that Ace of Base fell to 28% on the Friday Night Poll...I was able to get them back to 37% in about an hour...We need some help!


Jukebox 2

37% Ace of Base 'Cruel Summer' 0% Eagle Eye Cherry 'Save Tonight' 62% Sprung Monkey 'Get 'Em Outta Here'

Here's the address: http://www.nbc.com/NBCFridaynight/juke2.asp


218. John
Tue Aug 11 01:56:09 CDT 1998

Courtney: I just emailed you! you saw him Mats Carlsson?.. thats my boss hahaha scary... he looks nice but haha he can be HARD to convince haha :) I'm so happy you are alright :) :) wow those teacher really care NOT! eyes... conection to headache.. oh...? I don't got that but .. be nice.. and I'm sure you stress for both of us but please sweetie let me stress my part and you slow down if you can :) <3 ILYSM :)

Okay I got a Najs in my house now... (Mia? hahaha ) and I wanna tell you all.. hmm she got HUGE pile of Ace of Base articles haha I haven't decided if I gonna knock her down and steal them.. I'm jelouse... I thought I had much but hmm I don't hahaha and... she thought I was wierd when I showed her my Ace of Base collection of Singles and Albums haha and I can't blame her hahah else she is nice.... maybe right now... using my computer and assaulting my keyboard (Annje hahaha?) and exploring Stuvsta haha so little :)

I must work now I be back!!!

217. Courtney Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Tue Aug 11 01:37:15 CDT 1998

Hi everyone and JB :)

Mona// yeah sure hon I got your mail and It WASN'T weird, that is something I promised you. I jsut can't get back to you about it until next week my time when I ahve some time in between my exams. I've got so many stressful things happening with exams and all right now that I can't writ eback yet.

Cinthya// thanks heaps :)

JB// went and saw the article :) Don't worry alright, I'm better. Well actually I've got an infernal headache and my mum wants me to get my eyes tested cause I have these same headaches everyone afternoon after exams that she thinks there's something wrong with my eyes. Today's exams were better but I still don't think I'm going to as well as I did on pervious occasions :( And my english teacher was a real help I told her about what heppened yesterdyaa nd she got all worried with one of those teacher concerned looks and said 'Oh dear'(she's a help isn't she? first sha can't teach anything and then expects us to get a good mark..Jeepers!) But I'm alright, don't stress okay? I'm stressing enough for the two of us right now :)

4 down 4 to go (+ listening and speaking for french)


216. John Bryntze I be back later
Tue Aug 11 01:27:42 CDT 1998

Paloma (and Petra Kvas): Happy Happy Happy Birtday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cintya (more later): I thought you wrote what is alike between "me and spermatozoon" haha I missed a "n" i "men". haha okay I might have got that point hrmp.. should it be funny hahahahaha you are teasing!!!

215. Alex Navarro anavarro@usa.net
Tue Aug 11 01:19:58 CDT 1998

Hi everybody ! I'm back from Florida . How is everyone ? I hoping everyone is well .

Mona > I got your birthday card . Thank you so much . I'm really sorry I haven't written you in a long time . The saddest thing is I still haven't gotten CS yet :-( I bought the single . I don't have any money and I DYING to hear the songs . I'm always requesting CS on the radio . It comes on a lot . My cousin told me the video is played a lot on The Box in Miami . Well , I'll see you around .


214. Sgt. Che Noëlki-Fågel Bagel Snowball PhileHead
Tue Aug 11 00:34:43 CDT 1998

~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~
¡Feliz Cumpleaños Paloma!
* ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~

¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡

Espero que te la pases muy divertido
en este día muy especial!!
« « « « « « * » » » » » »
« « « « « * » » » » »
« « « « * » » » »

213. Cinthya ccpcozma@ctc-mundo.net
Tue Aug 11 00:25:48 CDT 1998

Hi there!!!

Paloma>> aaaah, ya aruinaste todo vez?!!, no me tenias que decir que era tu cumpleaños por que yo queria que pensaras que no me acorbaba: pero ya lo hiciste!!! *lol*, pero como por aqui ya es martes: FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!!!, ya eres una viejota grandotota y en prepa: que grande te pusiste de un dia para otro!!!!, aaaah, y ya estoy llorando de la emocion!!! *lol*: naaa, eso es mentira!!!, pero si quieres hago un show y me pongo a llorar, no hay problema en eso!!! *lol*: haber, dejame hacer un anuncio extra oficial:



Paloma (again)>>por desgracia AUN no me las doy de pastelera, pero haber si alguien te hace una torta! *lol*:) pues SII!!!, tengo novio!, y hoy me llamo para invitarme al cine: vamos a ir a ver Armaggedon, por que yo le dije que si me llevaba a ver City of Angels me iba a poner a llorar y entonces no me iba a poder sacar de la sala!:) pero lo que mas me dio risa fue eso de "Jose le diste en la madre" JA!, bueno...si si tienes razon!! *lol*:) que bueno que te fue bien en tu primer dia!!!, y no estes triste que ya vas a ver que de la prepa no vas a querer salir mas!!: Ahp!, y luego me tienes que contar sobre ese "carlitos" okua?:) luego quiero que me cuentes que te pasa, haber si el psicologo que hay en mi florece y te puedo ayudar...TENGO QUE HACERLO!!!!, no me gusta verte triste!:)

Courtney>> oooh, I'm so sorry for your essay!, things like that use to happens to me and it really sucks!!:( I'll send you the pic tomorrow okay?!;)

John>> yup!, I got an Ace of Base page!, so GO AND LINK IT!:)so you are your own boss?!!!, NOooo!!!, I REALLY have bad luck!, aaah, anyway!(: ok!, here it goes: what's the alike between men and an spermatozoon?, you don't know?, WELL, the alike between both is that like men, of one million of spermatozoons, just one works! ahaha, did you understand it?, or is TOO intelectual for you! ahaha: I'm teasing you again!;)

Annje>> *lol* yes!!, I know that!!!, Mona and I just teach you bad words!! *lol*, but HEY!, that's even funnier than keep saying cute things to anyone!: C'mon!, I preffer call "hijo de perra" to someone that doesn't understand what I'm talking about than...I don't know, any other word! *lol*:) you know what?, Jose belongs to the past!: since yesterday I've got a new boyfriend!!: yes!, his name is Michael and he is very nice!...although I'm still in love with Jose but...Michael doesn't know it anyway! *lol*:) HEY! Nafets is REALLY a sweetheart!, I really mean it!!, that is so kind of him!!!:) and about Blümchen: ok!!:)

Mona>>Alicia me llamo y me pregunto si te llego su dinero, porque creo que ella te envio un dinero para una revista!: ya lo tienes?!

Rosie>> YA LO TENGO!!!!, tanto tiempo que no te veia, que ya me estaba entrando a preocupar!!!

well, I must go now!, see you around!

212. Sgt. Che Noëlki-Fågel Bagel xphile4ever@geocities.com
Tue Aug 11 00:23:31 CDT 1998

Hej everyone!

I got your email [|:0) I'll let you know about my time zone and everything!! see you soon!

Søldier Bagel & Annje-Fågel!!!!!!!
sorry [|:0( earlier, I was online for a a few minutes and that was it... I just came back to do something special for a good friend of mine [|:0)

"Canuck mode"??? LMAO!!!! yeah, the US does suck big time [|>:0( did you ask Dimitri to send you a copy? I heard that he's sending some ppl copies of those? If not, then maybe I can get you a copy of Salut, I dunno? Oh! and that "Noëlito-thing" means "little Noël"... don't call me that please [|>:0( *lmao*

hej you! *lol* funny! funny! funny! *lmao* yo tambien quiero esos muñecos de M&S!!! *lol* gracias por la carta!!

Oh NO!!!! that's soooo much time [|>:0( hehe...los "monos"?? bueno.. it's supposed to be my "sarge" look!! *lol* I dunno, ask my soldier!!! *lol*

that's very interesting!! No, unfortunately, I live in "English-Canada" [|>:0( but I have been to Québec and I just LOVE french!! but I'm kind of learning it on my own since I finished school and all...

no me llames asi!!!!!!!....!!! LMAO!!!!!!! Gracias por decirme el titulo de la cancion [|:0) y las entrevistas a que me refiero, son las que te envió "el pajaro rostisado que voló del Pacífico"<==LMAO sabes a quien me refiero?? anyway, si no, te envio otro email [|:0)

211. Ellen GrrlSavage@aol.com
Tue Aug 11 00:15:18 CDT 1998

Hello? Is anyone using this tonite?

210. Paloma Pinky genex@chih1.uninet.net.mx
Mon Aug 10 23:17:00 CDT 1998


Oh, today was my first day of high school...

Cinthya>>Ah!! sobreviví al primer día!! Lo pero es que llegue tarde a la clase!! jaja!! Pero estoy muuuuuy triste, muy deprimida, y no se porque, tu sabes que a mi casi nunca me dan ataques depresivos, pero, por desgracia en esta ocasion, tengo uno!! :( Te cuento TOOOODO cuando te escriba un e-mail, porque ya tengo el tuyo!! Amiga, necesito tu ayuda como psicologa *lol* (Ahora tu eres la psicologa) Ah, ya tienes novio!!! Yahooooooooooo!! *lmao* mira, yo te aseguro que al tonto de José le diste en la madre!! jaja, y seguramente disimulo muy bien su coraje, porque casi ningún chico muestra sus sentimientos!! De todas maneras, si Michael está muy guapo, pues, anda!! Aprovecha y permitete conocer a otra persona!! quien sabe si él sea tu media naranja!! *lol* Aprende a mi, en el primer día de clases y ya me gusto un compañero nuevo!! Se llama, llamemosle, "Carlos" (después te doy el verdadero) , y él si que no tiene amigos, pero ya me cae muy bien!! Ya puse manos a la obra, con decirte que ya estoy en un equipo de trabajo con él!! *lol* Ah, tenía que decirte algo más pero no recuerdo...ah, mañana es mi cumpleaños!! :o) *TQAM*

Che Noëlki>>Hello!! I send you an e-mail yesterday! Uy Noël, aceite caliente? que bueno que no fue nada grave!! :) que padre que tienes los muñequitos de Pinky y Cerebro!! yo quiero uno! *lol* jaja, ya me imagino lo graciosos que se han de ver!! :) Que?!? Cerebro vestido como muñeca? *lmao*!! Hey Noël, ayer compré el soundtrack de The X Files!! Está bien padre!! :) Iba yo con mi padre caminando por el centro comercial y entramos a la tienda de discos y de repente fije mi viste en un objeto rojo y ahí estaba!!! Lo agarré inmediatmente y le fui a pedir a mi papá que me lo comprara!! Es que no llevaba dinero..Oye, yo quiero un muñequito de Mulder!! me pregunto porque no lo lanzaron antes!! que más, hoy en mi triunfal regreso a clases *lol* en la mañana empezo a llover, y era una lluvia "super finita" y el día estaba bien rico!! Caminé bajo la lluvia hasta que llegue al salón de clases, al cual, por cierto, llegue tarde...

Annje>>I have your e-mail, thank you!! I'll reply it on weekend, because this week I will be kind of busy! Oh, it's so cool that your Uncle send you Garfield balloon!! :) I am trying to get notebooks that have Garfield on the front cover!! There are many, but I haven't go the buy them!

John>>Did you receive my e-mail? It's because I got a message that told me that there was an error, but that I didn't need to resend the message again.

Najs>>O.k., I'll wait for your e-mail!!

Nacho>>Hola!!!!! Como estás?? Espero que muuuuy bien! :) Entonces espero tu e-mail!! Y no te apures, o.k.? tomate tu tiempo para contestar! :)


Paloma Pinky

209. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Mon Aug 10 21:49:49 CDT 1998

Brian: Wait, derrrr, I meant #7 was WAY BERG, but they are all great!!!

208. Annje-Fågel Annelida3@aol.com
Mon Aug 10 21:48:24 CDT 1998

Mona: Gissa vad I just did? Hehe, well it has something to do with Ace of Base, and a plan of action I have, I'll eMail you and Swan about it ASAP after I post!

Brian: Oj, jag vet! Hmm, I've not ever heard about Norwegians making horrible fun of Swedes like that or thinking we are dumb....this is all new to me! I know you don't think that though, I was just kiding! :)Oj, abut the album covers you did....well I think #6 was great, I mean the blakc.grey.white contrasting colours were so BERG, and the #1 and #2 were BERG too! How the fan did you make those? I really like them!!! Heja Brian! Hej, you gonna be awake this Friday to see what *damage* us Acers did to NBC's Friday Night videos? Have you heard from Erik in a while?

JohnnyBerg: Fraga.....okej, Brian skickt mig en homepage dets om hur Norsken drive med Svensk....är det verkligen så? Norsken tänkt oss Swedes är dumma? Jag hoppas inte!!!

207. Brian Ecobrat@msn.com
Mon Aug 10 21:10:42 CDT 1998

Annje// I was bored so I typed in Swedes and that came up. So I went to it, I know Swedes aren't stupid but I think it's funny anyways. hehehe I think that site just changed Blonde into Swede and stuff. hehehehe =o]

Annje igen// I did submit those, and Liz liked #1, 2 and 7 I think it was. Which ones are your faves? And ja I did send it to John (and Erik) hhehehehe

206. Annje Anneldia3@aol.com
Mon Aug 10 20:30:51 CDT 1998

SørenBagel: Great, I can't wait to see the pics!!! Great name for the page, and please let me know if you need me to do any Danish )etc) translating!!!!!

Noël: SølderBagel is right, where ARE you????

205. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Mon Aug 10 20:28:25 CDT 1998

Brian!!!!! Oh my God, I finally read that *How to Make Fun of a Swede* Homepage you sent me, and that is just terrible!!!! Swedes aren't dumb!!! No way!!!!! Where the hell did you find that homepage? Did you show John that? Good god, that page is horrible!!!! We're not at all like that!!! BTW, those pics you sent me for the album, you kick ass Brian, WOW, those are SO great!!!! How long did those take??? Are you gonna submit any of them?

204. sheila alessandra urcisichi.
Mon Aug 10 20:27:02 CDT 1998

hi!you all other fans from around the earth.i wanna tell everyone about the latest albums photos.dont you think that malin was trashed? i know you dont read all this crap,but,hello!you guys!i love you!except jenny.i would like to see her dead from lassa virus.im kidding!ulf,you are not blond.dont do that!and malin,take care of your cats,ok?.bye!.

203. sheila alessandra urcisichi.
Mon Aug 10 20:24:45 CDT 1998

hi!you all other fans from around the earth.i wanna tell everyone about the latest albums photos.dont you think that malin was trashed? i know you dont read all this crap,but,hello!you guys!i love you!except jenny.i would like to see her dead from lassa virus.im kidding!ulf,you are not blond.dont do that!and malin,take care of your cats,ok?.bye!.

202. SørenLuver Bagel??
Mon Aug 10 19:08:00 CDT 1998


LMAO I dunno what to call myself! I think Søldier Bagel is hysterical!!! Anyway, I'm going to go now, and get all my Søren pictures ready to upload on the site! YAY! LMAO we could call it Søren Lovers Anonymous?? hehehe that would be funny! Bye!



201. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Mon Aug 10 18:15:44 CDT 1998

Søren-Bagel....or which one is it? Anyways, I got you on ICQ now!!!! Cool!!! And I won't tell du-vet-vad!!!!!! Dets *vor lille hemmelighed*!!! And let me know how I can help with the PAGE of the Danish Cutie!!!!!

200. Søldier Bagel
Mon Aug 10 17:25:32 CDT 1998

Hey! Gotta love this! I have #100 & #200!

Mon Aug 10 17:23:22 CDT 1998


198. Liat
Mon Aug 10 16:41:08 CDT 1998

John>> :-) thanks.. ;)

197. FRANCISCO MANUEL LOPEZ PANAMA d96211@mixcoac.upmx.mx
Mon Aug 10 16:10:11 CDT 1998




196. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Mon Aug 10 16:03:48 CDT 1998

Mona: AJ Fan, I'd have been embarassed to, don't worry though, I'm sure he didn't think you were some nympho or something! :) Ja, I'll find time to be online, I mean if I decide to play Volleyball for the college (which they're bugging me to do really bad), then I won't have as much time online due to games and practices, but I'll find the time, don't worry! :)

Rosie: Which addy did you send it to? My Pennsyvlania Pittsburgh addy, or the one in California? Because if you sent it to the address in California, well I'm not there anymore, it was only for about 2 weeks vacation, and I'm (sniff) back in Pittsburgh now! If you sent it there, then my Aunt will send it to me though, don't worry! :)

195. Rosie kix_rosie@hotmail.com
Mon Aug 10 15:59:27 CDT 1998



Cinthya y Mona>>les mande un mail!!!

Annje>>I sent 2 weeks ago a letter to the addie that you sent me, Was it arraived???, mail me!!

194. Debi Gilmour debilg@yahoo.com
Mon Aug 10 14:51:55 CDT 1998

Hi. This is just a note to say that I just recently picked up the new Ace of Base album Cruel Summer. It's a great album, especially since I have not really been a fan of Ace of Base since their first album. I love the song Cruel Summer, but I also love the original version which was done by Bananarama back in 1984. Keep up the great work. See Ya

193. Debi Gilmour debilg@yahoo.com
Mon Aug 10 14:51:36 CDT 1998

Hi. This is just a note to say that I just recently picked up the new Ace of Base album Cruel Summer. It's a great album, especially since I have not really been a fan of Ace of Base since their first album. I love the song Cruel Summer, but I also love the original version which was done by Bananarama back in 1984. Keep up the great work. See Ya

192. My School was at firstpage on Aftonbladet :) here is the link to it :)
Mon Aug 10 14:24:27 CDT 1998

Click here :) his name is Mats Carlsson

191. Mona
Mon Aug 10 14:17:47 CDT 1998

Gotta go for the day!!! Remember: Please keep voting for AOB's CS!!!


ALA! :)

190. Pablo hourglass@softhome.net
Mon Aug 10 14:14:27 CDT 1998

HEj!!! Dayna>Are you online by chance?...any place where we can meet?

later, Pablo.

189. Mona
Mon Aug 10 14:03:07 CDT 1998

Grrr... sorry about that... :P The Net's slow today... :(

188. Mona mkasaus@tvi.cc.nm.us
Mon Aug 10 14:02:16 CDT 1998

Oj, my gosh... that's got to be, like, very embarrassing for me... I was printing out the Jenny article entitled "Sex without Love Hurts" on Place of Ace, and then, its memory got lost in the lazer printer's, so the lab tech came over and told me to cancel the print job, so I did, and the title on the list appeared, and I got embarrassed. He must be thinking I was weird because he didn't know it was an AOB article... :(

John: Hejsan, kompis!! :) Hur mår du? :) Jag skickt din epost på Lördag... Har du fick det? :) Jag har min svensk gramatisk bok och ordbok nu!! :) Jag ville skriva det.. LOL! :P Vad du hör på U.S. version av "He Decides?" "Nu funkar det" eller "You're a funny girl?" Jag hör "You're a funny girl" om en Engelskman. :) Folk tror det är Jennys röst, men det tror jag inte... :) Du? :) Oj... you use Front Page? Which one? I had a FrontPage 98 class, and I like it!! :)

Noelito: Hola! I got your email!! :) I won't... Okay. :) But which one do you mean?? The one that's on my way?? ;) La ultima cancion en Viña Del Mar se llama "Vårvindar Friska" ===> Fresh Wind Springs... :)

Courtney: Did you get my email? :) I hope it wasn't too weird.... :(

Mia: Hejsan, kompis!! Well, I emailed you... hope to hear from you!! :)

Najs: Oj, tack for the package!!!!! I can't wait!! I'll let you know when it gets here!!!!! :) :)

Annje: Nej...inte hemlig igen!! :( Oj, I do hope you'd be able to go online!!! :)

187. Mona mkasaus@tvi.cc.nm.us
Mon Aug 10 14:02:16 CDT 1998

Oj, my gosh... that's got to be, like, very embarrassing for me... I was printing out the Jenny article entitled "Sex without Love Hurts" on Place of Ace, and then, its memory got lost in the lazer printer's, so the lab tech came over and told me to cancel the print job, so I did, and the title on the list appeared, and I got embarrassed. He must be thinking I was weird because he didn't know it was an AOB article... :(

John: Hejsan, kompis!! :) Hur mår du? :) Jag skickt din epost på Lördag... Har du fick det? :) Jag har min svensk gramatisk bok och ordbok nu!! :) Jag ville skriva det.. LOL! :P Vad du hör på U.S. version av "He Decides?" "Nu funkar det" eller "You're a funny girl?" Jag hör "You're a funny girl" om en Engelskman. :) Folk tror det är Jennys röst, men det tror jag inte... :) Du? :) Oj... you use Front Page? Which one? I had a FrontPage 98 class, and I like it!! :)

Noelito: Hola! I got your email!! :) I won't... Okay. :) But which one do you mean?? The one that's on my way?? ;) La ultima cancion en Viña Del Mar se llama "Vårvindar Friska" ===> Fresh Wind Springs... :)

Courtney: Did you get my email? :) I hope it wasn't too weird.... :(

Mia: Hejsan, kompis!! Well, I emailed you... hope to hear from you!! :)

Najs: Oj, tack for the package!!!!! I can't wait!! I'll let you know when it gets here!!!!! :) :)

Annje: Nej...inte hemlig igen!! :( Oj, I do hope you'd be able to go online!!! :)

186. Søldier Bagel
Mon Aug 10 13:13:35 CDT 1998

Oops, sorry Swan, dumb me! I spelled your name wrong! hahaha I'm really out of it today...

185. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Mon Aug 10 13:08:20 CDT 1998

Noël: Dear, how many nicknames do you have? :) Noëlito? That's cute!!!! Who came up with that? Got your eMail, and replied!!!! Jesus, Christ, I wish USA imported mags like Canada does, lord we really are SLOW!!!!! LMSAO! *jajajajajaja*!! Oops, now I gotta be in Canuck mode....eh? :)

Swan: Min pappa? hahah, well I don't get along with him so well because it's ALL his fault (and mamma's too) that my Swedish is absolut SKIT, because they forbade me to speak it. Argh, pretty soon you'll be moving in your dorm, and not on the net so much, this sucks!!!! But at least you'll have eMails, and we can arrange fågel meetings of course! Du vet!!!

John-Fågel: The other day I had been at Kristin's and I had my nose in a German book studying German, and she said you were online, so I was dictating to her what to tell you! Assaulting your keyboard...ATTACK! LOL! How was the meeting of you and Najs? Did you pass the message to her on? Surprised? :)

Cinthya: LMAO,. now I have something NEW and bad to say in Spanish!!!!! *callate hijo de perra*, I love it!!!! Everything bad I say in Spanish, I know from you and Mona, this is so funny!!! So ésoj is still the same? Wow, he is so strange, I bet you just want to smack him upside the head and see if that helps! LOL! Ay mierda, Nafets is doing something else again, well AB History* was on over there, and nafets taped it, and want to make another CD Rom of it for me! Isn't that cute? Oh, the Blümchen #2 CD will be on it's way soon, it's already out, si?

Paloma: Well hopefully this time my post will work, and not mess up, LOL! I actually did that silly questions thing, I barely ever do those things, but I did this time, so funny! Oh, guess what my Uncle in Arizona sent me? A Garfield Baloon for my college dorm!

Mona: *snyft*, well we'll have to wait until Svof comes back on on USA then! Did you watch it this Sunday? I missed it, I had been online voting like mad for the NBC thing! He wasn't on anyways, huh? Oh, and I'll still have my 'puter at Chatham, but I am nto sure I'll be online *as much* , but I'll try, jag lovar! :)

184. spyk spyk87@yahoo.com
Mon Aug 10 12:54:32 CDT 1998

ace of base is not too bad but please hurry with your construction.

183. donie
Mon Aug 10 12:39:00 CDT 1998


182. Perfect World perfectworld@bigfoot.com
Mon Aug 10 12:26:26 CDT 1998

Come visit Perfect World with its new updates!

»Additions to discography and more coverart!
»Life is a Flower MIDI file!
»And more!

Perfect World

181. Swan
Mon Aug 10 12:14:00 CDT 1998

Soldier Bagel>>Hee, hee, everytime I see your name it's soo funny but then I've been laughing at everything today...;) Well, I haven't swum in years either...Dunno why, I kinda like it but just haven't gotten around to doing it. I'm not so sporty..Just sit inside all the time and do stuff w/ my computer..Or my brother's..You see I don't have Internet in my own one and I use my brother's for surfing..

180. Søldier Bagel dcoady@firstcity.net
Mon Aug 10 12:07:21 CDT 1998



LMAO hahaha! I was only joking about that iceberg stuff...actually I don't like swimming anywhere! (Mabye it's becuz I can't swim well, and I almost drowned twice! ;0)

179. Svan
Mon Aug 10 11:03:33 CDT 1998

Johnny>>Hmm, jag skulle inte vilja att Joker skulle se elak ut, han ska vara snäll och leende och gullig och vår mjuka teddy-björn, mm!!!:) Jag emailade dig ett par dikter. Om du fortfarande vill ha dom när du läst dom...;) Nåja vi ska se när jag spelar fiol, det kanske börjar hända snart, vänta bara...;)

Noel>>I'm from Leppävirta, Finland. This is a little zit in eastern Finland so I'm happy to say that soon I'll be living in Savonlinna, Finland. It is a real city!!:) I'll get da Swedish mags. So how's Toronto? Is it one of the English-speaking ones or one of the French-speaking ones?(ones=Canadian cities)

Soldier-Bagel>>Mind if I'm too lazy to make the correct kind of o? Are you and Noel a package deal?;) Ha ha, Titanic... Well, it wouldn't be as bad, you're not as big as Titanic (or well, I've never seen you), and you don't swim as fast...So swim and don't be afraid!:)

178. John
Mon Aug 10 07:51:14 CDT 1998

Liat: wow so good for you! that's good news we need that! :)

CB: Worried about you... JÄD.

Cinthya: hmmm Fridays hmmm I have nothing better to do and pleaseeee don't tell my boss haha wait? I'm the boss here.. well I got one person over me but in the comouter I rule hahah I deside my own times... :) don't you try.. so tell me what is alike!!! pleasee

177. Ace of Base Kingdom your kingdom
Mon Aug 10 04:47:42 CDT 1998

Ace OF Base Kingdom

Your kingdom..

176. Liat
Mon Aug 10 04:42:13 CDT 1998

John>> remember my dad?? well, my mum talked with him and he promised to sign me in another Internet company-a cheaper and a better one.. I hope he won't change his mind..;)

175. John Bryntze
Mon Aug 10 03:21:24 CDT 1998

10 Agusti a black day for many people!

Courtney: SO sad hearing that :( JÄDSM don't forget that and WYWH <3 :)

Jared: Thanx for the easy link.. just two click and you have voted.. I voted 20 times :)

Najs: Du har ju oxå en *ÄV*A otur idag! hoppas allt ordnar sig! :)

Cinthya: hahaha yeah yeah I know you will betray Paloma.. that's the way you are hahaha j/k okay I didn't know you got a Ace of Base page but now when I know I gonna link to that from Place of Ace :) soon and hmm the thing that is alike you and that .. strange word I don't know what it means so I'm chanceless... argg still curious. hmm and We will be first for ever :)

Najs&Mia: nope jag vill inte ha ett litet tjejslag nu.. jag kan bara tänka mig hur Sur Najs är efter allt tråkigt som hänt idag.. hon kommer slå så hårt hmm hon får vänta tills hon är lugn igen etc... verkligen en sket-dag idag. och Mia... sluta? men jag måste ju få in pengar för dig? jag blir fattig... konkurs.. John AB sjunker.. :( Va? jag trodde Najs kom för att hälsa på dig på malmskillnadsgatan.. är inte du i Stockholm Mia? fy .. lura mig.. det är KRIG!!!!

got to work some.. my good days are over hahah :)

174. Jared hanner@earthlink.net
Mon Aug 10 02:11:40 CDT 1998


Vote for Ace of Base:


173. Courtney Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Mon Aug 10 00:03:37 CDT 1998

Oh my god...

My worst nightmare..I wrote like two page and 6 or 7 lines for my hamlet essay and everyone else wrote like 3 and3/4 pages and 4 pages and I have STUFFED UP MY ESSAY. I wrote some of the same points and them but they wrote either more or different points than I did for some or all of the points...HELP ME..that essay was worth 20 and I reckon I got about 9 marks no JOKE. I really really relly hope I ahven't stuffed it. And then When I was talking to everyone else they were like it's quality not quantity..easy for them to say they didn't stuff it up..and I studied for like 4 hours each day for that stupid essay.

I'm so damned depressed..and my mother is such a cow...

172. Cinthya ccpcozma@ctc-mundo.net
Sun Aug 9 23:04:38 CDT 1998

Hello there!

Paloma!!!!>> adivina que!?!...no adivinas!?!: volvi con Jose!!!: naaaa, mentira, no volvi con el, pero si TENGO NOVIO NUEVO!: se llama Michael: nos conociamos desde que teniamos unos 2 o 3 años,luego el se fue lejos y no lo vi mas, y ahora me lo encontre en la disco...pero lo malo es que...parece que a Jose no le afecta! aaarggg, maldicion!...en fin, ya que importa no?!

Courtney>> O.k.!, I will do it!: the pic is very cute!;)HEY!, yes!, that's a torture!!! *lol*, but be calm, just wait a little more!;)

John>> hmm, you sent me two CS?!! *smile*, hmm, you know what?, my english is acting strange with me, 'cause I CAN'T understand what did you say then, I just can understand "I sent you two CS so BE happy" and then "keep them both" ahahah,ok ok, don't look at me like that, it was just a joke ok!, don't get mad a t me!: I WILL send Paloma one of the singles 'cause SHE IS my friend, and another thing: SHE IS my best friend!, so I WILL send her one of the singles!: don't worry!;)HEY! stop that, please, you CAN'T be first forever!, give us the *chance* to be happy for one time on our lifes! ahaha: don't you have nothing to do on fridays?!, I guess I should tell your boss for give you some work!...but then Courtney is there and aaarrrg, impossible, be first at this place is an almost mission impossible!...well, for us!, not for you!...hmm, I've got a joke for you: what's the alike between men and a spermatozoon?...do you know what's the alike?, not?...really you don't know?...I'll tell you in my next post! ahaha

Shelly>> so cool!!!!, and I know what you mean!: in my last vacations I was one moth without hear Ace of Base: I almost died!!!

Nacho>> Jose??!!, quien es ese! ahaha, de esa onda: nop, ya Jose cagó...bueno, por ahora! *lol*, es que hoy me pidieron pololeo Y: dije que sip...aunque todavia me gusta Jose...aaaayy, no tengo idea que es lo que voy a hacer!...(: y tu como estas?

Brian>> uh?, I don't undestand too! *lmao*

Pablo>> aaay, sorry, sorry!: tuve la intencion de llamarte PERO...no lo hice! *lol*: te llamo mañana para que me cuentes como les fue en la reunion!;)

Che Super Noël>>ok, ok, better that way! *lol*:) oh, anyway, as you said: you already sent the stuff! *lol*, and it takes about...hmm, one week?, I guess?, all depends, you'll see, about a looong long time ago Brian sent me two tapes: 2 or 3 moths later: the tapes haven's arrived yet!: can you belive it??!, anyway: HEY!, me gustó tu monito!, aunque me es mas facil hacerlos asi!: ":)"! *lol*, HEY!, that "son secret" sounds so nice!, though: "Robbie est maniaco-dépressif" *lol*, and now that we are talking about Robbie, a chilean show made an interview to All Saints and Nicky said that "she is not Robbie's girlfriend!", y el papa del hijo de Melannie es el tecladista de Jamiroquai!, no el Bajista! (ni menos JK! *thank God!*)

time to say "Hasta la vista Baby": see you around!;)


Sun Aug 9 21:54:33 CDT 1998


170. ShellyBERG JennyBerggren@ace-of-base.com
Sun Aug 9 19:14:22 CDT 1998

hejsan alla!

Pablo//ha ha! you had to sleep in that chair!

everybody//starting tomorrow and effective until the 24th, if you wish to e-mail me, please e-mail me at shellyluvaob@hotmail.com or acefan16@hotmail.com If you don't do so, I will not get your e-mail.

169. Søldier Bagel dcoady@firstcity.net
Sun Aug 9 19:11:14 CDT 1998

Hej Acers! I have good news! I just found a page full of Mp3's from the Euro album, Flowers! YAY! Now I don't have to get the Flowers album too! Um, yeah, so Mp3's are illegal, but if we already have the CS album I guess it can be considered Flowers? hahaha whatever! Here's the link, anyway, and don't go telling everyone bout this, k?

Flowers Mp3's

Bye everyone!

168. Søldier Bagel dcoady@firstcity.net
Sun Aug 9 19:11:00 CDT 1998

Hej Acers! I have good news! I just found a page full of Mp3's from the Euro album, Flowers! YAY! Now I don't have to get the Flowers album too! Um, yeah, so Mp3's are illegal, but if we already have the CS album I guess it can be considered Flowers? hahaha whatever! Here's the link, anyway, and don't go telling everyone bout this, k?

Flowers Mp3's

Bye everyone!

167. Najs and Mia
Sun Aug 9 18:38:17 CDT 1998

From Najs:

John, jo visst fick jag alla dina mail..tackar så mycket. en liten överaskning på jobbet får du oxå..hahaha..Du..mina slag är inga fjutiga tjejslag..Du ska allt få känna påt! Jag menar det..kanske inte imorrn', men efter sådär två dagar. Ses i morrn'..macken

Mia, Tja..Du vet att du får gå upp med tuppen i morgon..redan 06.30 hehehe...Måste faneme greja massor i morgon bitti. Ciao bruden!

Mona, your package it's on ot's way..tomorrow ;-) hehe, See ya'!


From Mia:

John, Du behöver inte sälja mig..Jag slutar självmant. Nog fan kan kommer du att känna påt att Najs kan slåss, Har själv blivit misshandlad av henne! hahaha J/k Nog fasiken är jag tillbaka!!! Nu är det snart krig igen hehehe.

Amanda, Great that Flowers finally came..According to Najs it got lost in the mail..but *phew* It didn't. Hope you like it!! =) I'm looking forward to get CS =)

Najs, Hej jag kan ju ändå gå och lägga mig när jag kommer hem..det kan inte du hahahaha!! *mia skrattar rått* ÅÅÅHHH, di fååår inte åka..snälla stanna kvar hos mig!! Ring mig när du kommer hem..snälla najsan bajsan..ooppss..Jag skall inte vara lika taskig son John ponken... hahahahahaha SNÄLLA lämna mig inte, du är ju mitt allt, min mentor , min livskamrat( fasiken nu blev jag lite för sentimental.. Lova att du inte glömmer bort mig i alla fall..=(..

Take Care!!!
**Najs**-The one and only!! and Her mighty friend Mia!!

166. RobbieG robbieg@usa.net
Sun Aug 9 17:31:40 CDT 1998






165. Anne boa58@hotmail.com
Sun Aug 9 16:48:22 CDT 1998


164. John Bryntze bryntze@hem1.passagen.se
Sun Aug 9 16:25:14 CDT 1998

Just a notice: I tested to email myself on my two email accounts that leads to the same mailbox.. and bryntze@hem1.passagen.se came direct so fast hmm but john.bryntze@writeme.com hasn't arrived yet.. so please use only bryntze@hem1.passagen.se thanx :)

163. Sgt. Che Noëlki-Fågel Bagel xphile4ever@geocities.com
Sun Aug 9 15:33:18 CDT 1998

Hej Acers!!!!!
I just came back from downtown Toronto and I got the August issue of "Star Club" (French mag)... hehe, I think Dimitri forgot to tell us that there was more than "une fiche chanson sur CS avec Alliage". There's also a big picture (a nice one) for a contest, but you have to join the Alliage fanclub [|>:0( brrrr!!! I'll be impatiently waiting for the August issue of "Salut" which has another AoB article and the LIAF postcard!! YAYYY!!! Oh! and there's only one copy of LIAF left at Tower Records (there used to be a bunch just a few days ago).

Can any of you help me out?: Are these Korean characters? I seem to recognize some, but I'm not sure..==>HNRMX PIC

You did it!!!!!! *LOL* Congrats on guessing SN's real name [|:0)

I always thought you were a girl? *LOL* well, I'm glad it's cleared up now [|:0)

Como se llama la última canción que canto AoB at Viña??? esta en sueco, no?... Hmmm.. interesting!!!

Søldier Bagel!!!!
[|>:0( check your inbox, soldier. I just came back from Tower/HMV/Sam/ETC and I sent you en email about it :-) Oh! I see... *lmao* I messed up again eh? maybe I should go back to boot camp!!! *lol*... *ahem* alright, you're dismissed, soldier! Carry on (Smiling)!

don't worry about it yet, let's wait some more [|:0)

Hola Rebelion!!!!!!
*LOL* no!! Like I said to Paloma: let's change the script!!! Snowball & Cerebro deben ser amigos aqui [|;0) no te envié una bomba YOU SILLY!!!! *LMAO* Today, I got something else you might have liked, but it's too late, I already sent you the stuff [|:0( BTW, how long does it take to get there?? I'm still waiting for Nacho's stuff, but I'm not worried yet, I know it must be a long time(?) anyway, it's a little card from "Star Club" entitled "Son Secret" and here's what it says: Robbie est maniaco-dépressif ! «Tout le monde a le droit de se sentir triste de temps en temps. Quand je ne souris pas jusqu'aux oreilles, c'est que je vais mal. Dans ces moments-là, les gens viennent toujours me demander : «Qu'est-ce qui se passe Robbie ça ne va pas ?». Ce n'est pas parce que je suis une pop star que je n'ai pas de problèmes. Mais tout le monde ne comprend pas que je puisse tomber facilement dans la dépression...» There's also one for Lene from Aqua and another for Shaznay from AS

162. John
Sun Aug 9 15:27:57 CDT 1998

Pablo: Okay! who cares where she is anyway j/k hahahhahahaha thanx for the info!

Mia (eller vad du nu heter hahaha): Du är tillbaka!!! sa hon inte att jag iallafall kom ihåg att ditt namn börja på "M"? jag har tappat alla mina slavar :( men jag hoppas kunna sälja dig så jag slipper gå¨i konkurs haha vem tror du vill köpa dig? hjälp mig nu!!! (Skulle inte förvåna mig om Najs slår mig från dig men ett liutet tjej-slag skall man väll stå pall för hahahah)

Najs: hoppas du fick mitt email? du är säkert ute och dricker nu och festar medans du kan hahaha

Brian: Read your letter again.. and the grammar was good.. some typos haha but I liked the letter hahaha

Courtney: I finally emailed Jenny :) and hmmm I begged/forced her to tell me all you two talked about hahaha no just kidding :) Donnie on my Stereo :) and work tomorrow argggg Svenskan du skrev i min gästbok!!! så bra :) du fuskar inte :) JÄDSSSSSSM :) <3

Soon go to sleep :)

161. Amanda
Sun Aug 9 13:37:21 CDT 1998


Mia: MIA!!!! ahhhh! it came yesterday... ; ) Okey, I'm going to send it to you asap, I PROMISE!!!! I PROMISE!!! Don't give up on me!!! And your Uffe drawing is so cool, I love it!!! hehe, I'll mail you in a little while...

Liz: yes, very Canadian...have you heard the new BNL cd? I *love* it, its so funny! Ok, here's what's in my stereo lately: BNL "Stunt" Sarah M "Fumbling.." Sarah M "Surfacing" and then CS and Flowers! *lol*

160. RobbieG robbieg@usa.net
Sun Aug 9 13:26:49 CDT 1998

Buy Cruel Summer by AOB fo rthe cheapest price on the net! Just $11.88 Click here Also you can link to this site to promote Ace of Base! You will be offering the CD for a loooow price and everytime 1 album is sold it will mean we are coming 1 step closer to helping Ace of Base of reaching their goal of selling more albums than their 1st album. All you have to do is link to http://www.cdnow.com/switch/from=sr-839208/target=buyweb_purchase/ddcn=SD-7822+19021+2 And remember to tell them the loooooooooow price just $11.88 You gotta help ace of base Do it for the band after all they have given you, this is the least you can do for all they've given you! http://www.cdnow.com/switch/from=sr-839208/target=buyweb_purchase/ddcn=SD-7822+19021+2


159. Pablo hourglass@softhome.net
Sun Aug 9 13:00:52 CDT 1998


Cinthya>Pa' que llamai' de vuelta!:)

John>Dayna is out of town until today as far as I know!!

Dayna>Hi..waintg for you to ocme back...***spidersLOL

Shelly>Hi ya..still got me handcuffed to this chair! LOL

Later... Pablo.

Sun Aug 9 12:52:08 CDT 1998

do u know What is up with Malin and always being blured into the background? Like in the newest CD 'Cruel Summer" she is blured in every picture. what's up with her?

157. Mia Back feom Space
Sun Aug 9 12:40:14 CDT 1998

Well, well... Greeting fellow acers och Najs..

Najs> Japp, visst är det trevligt med mig på besök... jag är ju alltid så himla trevlig..hahaha* himlar med ögonen*... men visst har vi trevligt..

John> Vad är det jag har hört har du glömt bort mitt namn.... den välkända slaven #6... nu blir jag ledsen.. jag skall be Najs att hon slår dig riktigt hårt när hon träffar dig på måndag...*flinar stort*. nog med elakheter för i dag.. men snart är jag tillbaka igen och då... hahahahahahahahahahaha

Mona> what's up girlfriend.... I hope you are feeling well ... I know I do... hahaha

Amanda> I'd hope you can send me the american AOB album CS.. and tell me the price... I'll pay as soon as I have it... It would make me very, very , very X99 happy... take care my friend..

To the rest of you keep on smiling and the world will smile with you!!

Take care Mia- the mighty friend of Najs....

156. Brian Ecobrat@msn.com
Sun Aug 9 11:18:08 CDT 1998

Cinthya// VAD??? I DON'T understand! hehe

Duke// It's called "Beautiful Life". And it's NOT on the newest album. It's on "The Bridge"

Mike// you only need to hit the post button once and please don't type in caps. It's very annoying.

155. Mio Tonouchi
Sun Aug 9 10:59:44 CDT 1998

I got the new album yesterday. I like "tokyo girl" a lot. Dose anybody kow the perfect lyric of the song?

154. Kazunari Maeda
Sun Aug 9 10:23:41 CDT 1998

Neverless to say, I like your songs VERY MUCH!!

153. Najs
Sun Aug 9 10:18:17 CDT 1998

Hello all!!

John> Tja, det beror ju på hur mycket klockan var..hrm, vaknade 13.50 (!!!) Så..jag känner att det blev ganska sent i går..UCSH!! Hrm..Mia borde ge dig en riktig snyting för du vet vad..right?? Hennes namn..Hrm..ajabaja lille John! Aj aj aj, jaghar så ont i min arm, blev misshandlad av mia förrut..(nej nej nej john, inte så..) Nej, jag ramlade in i dörren, trot eller ej..Men så är det.. Det är allt bäst att du svarar på mailet snart för det mailet du får sen är inte nådigt hehehehehe *najs skrattar rått*. Ciao!

Courtney> Poor John...Get a visit from me hehehe, i'll take goood care of him ;-) *najs makes a evil laugh* j/k I'll just beat the crap out of him hahaha..Hrm..or maybe..not. Thanks for the info about the café refresh..I'm gonna be #1 some day hahaha

Paloma> Got your mail, i'll answer it tonight..About the X-Files..That sounded great..you know about the holding hand thing..Scully is in love with Mulder..hehehe :-)

Mia> Tjena tjejen..Vad trevligt att du är och hälsar på mig #:-)3-*=8 Hhahahahaha, den var ju snygg, värsta naken bilden hahahaha...*najs kiknar av skratt* Den liknar ju oss perfekt!! hahaha Vi ses..vadå..du sitter ju faneme brevid mig..hrm..Skit samma..måste gå till tågstationen, följer du med?? Jaaa, vad bra! Hej hej!

Take care!!!!
**Najs**-The one and only!!

152. Nacho igallegu@hotmail.com
Sun Aug 9 09:13:36 CDT 1998

Che Noel: hey!!todavia no te llega mi carta!! bueno, no importa yo mañana te envio otra carta con las fotos hay alguna forma en que lleguen mas rapido las cosas aunque haya que pagar mas?

Cinthya: espero que si vas a la disco todo te salga bien con el Jose!!!!!

Pinky: yo he estado bien gracias y tu? ya recibi tu mail muchas gracias pronto lo respondo!!

151. John
Sun Aug 9 06:37:21 CDT 1998

Courtney: Did I write "we" did it? oppss of course it was you who did it :) your email was an suprize :) a nize one :)

Najs: Du sover säkert fortfarande haha skall svara på ditt email snart.

150. John & John's Helper (hahaha) and Courtney (John)
Sun Aug 9 06:35:33 CDT 1998

We did it!

Thanx SuperNova for telling :) nothing wrong with your name at all but SuperNova it will be then :)

149. SuperNova
Sun Aug 9 06:28:46 CDT 1998

Courtney: It was 96.0 fm, which was part of The MMM chain, but now it is just called 96 fm, and guess what I heard it again today, and it will be on in about half an hour on the Rick Dees weekly top 40.

Courtney, John, & John's helper: Courtney, was right my name is Thomas!!! But keep calling me SuperNova 'cause I don't like the name Thomas much

148. Daan aced@writeme.com
Sun Aug 9 06:01:22 CDT 1998

The International Ace of Base Fanclub's homepage it updated...!!!


find more info about the new service "Ace of Base Articles", about the new section in the magazine "You Decide" and more.....!

The Ace of Base International Fanclub PO Box 203 48950 Erandio - Vizcaya


147. ShellyBERG JennyBerggren@ace-of-base.com
Sun Aug 9 05:15:05 CDT 1998

Hejsan alla!

Cynthia//=-)hej I got a story. My mom almost wouldn't let me take my little CD player! I found it to be torture 5 days without AoB, but this would be 14 days with AoB! Last time I was away from AoB music for that long was when my AoB stuff was stolen. Luckily for me, my parents saw the light and changed their minds. =-)

146. Courtney Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Sun Aug 9 05:14:36 CDT 1998

John// JADSM...jag ar glad att du gillade e-postet..I thought it would make a little bit of a surprise for you :) JADSSSSSSSMMMMM :)

Supernova// is it Toby or Tobias?

145. John test.. I copy paste from Frontpage.. can be a mess
Sun Aug 9 04:43:29 CDT 1998

Hi All Acers!

Courtney, and John's helper: I think we soon got him hahaha but don't frighten him, he might leave if we come too close hahahah :)
SuperNova: I lost the track but it is ... Trevor? Tony? or Tom? please tell us hahaha

Hanna-Reetta-Swan: arrgggg du är för mycket hahahaha hmmm jo Jonas ser lite mjuk ut men han kan se kanske elak ut ibland. dikterna haha sänd dem till big bara :) jasså du gillar inte hulk (hulken) tja jag ser ut som honom fast inte grön och inte det *FACEt hahaha sure huh?

Courtney (Queen): wow I haven't posat in here since Friday.. you think there is a chance I'm sick? hahahaa well thank you for your email and for the nice thing when I woke up :) I email you more lter today! I hope you told Jenny I was gonna email her else she will kill me haha so slow I got her email for a week ago.. but not just Jenny hmm Mona also and hmmm Osnat and hmmm some more hahah this will be my REPLY-emails-day today :) JÄD&SDSM <3

Cinthya: Since I lost Palomas address I was so rude so I sent you TWO Mega's Cruel Summer so don't be happy and think I made a misstake haha since I hope you and Paloma are friends you might could send her one huh? hey Cinthya don't look like that.. I see in your eyes you gonna keep the both... don't be so spoiled!!!! send Paloma one now you wl already have one!! and get dressed for God sake!! hahahahhaha :) I like the way you said Congratulation ahaha every letter there hurted huh?* hahahaha thanx :) we be first next refresh .. Courtney and I been that 5 time in row and we gonna make it a 6th time also haha and a 7 etc :)

Paloma: I lost your address can you please email me your snail-address and if Cinthya lost one and can't send one or for any reason I buy you a new so don't worry hahahahhaha :)

Dayna: I sent you one.. long time since I heard from you.. last time it was change life huh? I think I keep mine anyway.. yes I'm at internet all the time so I should change life but hahaha I love it!!! better then your drinking life.. C'mon drop the bottle and start posting in here hahahaahah

Mona: Soon gonna email you :) and I haven't replied last weeks Cafe.. I might do that later.. now I must eat Breakfeast!!!! :)

144. Courtney Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Sun Aug 9 02:07:02 CDT 1998

Mark// that's okay, just remember okay...I'd help you out but I can't get my hand on any of this stuff unless I get it from overseas too...

143. Mark mgershk@hotmail.com
Sun Aug 9 02:06:17 CDT 1998


Oops I meant mgershk@hotmail.com

142. Mark mgeshk@hotmail.com
Sun Aug 9 02:05:07 CDT 1998

Courtney> sorry:(:(:(

I'm just desperate for the FLOWERS album!!


141. Courtney As below
Sun Aug 9 02:02:27 CDT 1998

Mark //I mean we're not too slow

140. Courtney Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Sun Aug 9 02:01:51 CDT 1998

Cinthya//I'd love to see that pic if you could scan it!! I have NO idea what they are trying to do to me..this is torture..I NEED STYLISSIMO!!!!!!! LOL

Mark// Umm, you can post just the once, we'll not too slow and we'll get it first time around okay? :)

se ya!

139. Mark mgershk@hotmail.com
Sun Aug 9 01:43:15 CDT 1998






138. Mark mgershk@hotmail.com
Sun Aug 9 01:43:11 CDT 1998






137. Mark mgershk@hotmail.com
Sun Aug 9 01:43:07 CDT 1998






136. Mark mgershk@hotmail.com
Sun Aug 9 01:43:03 CDT 1998






135. Cinthya The Ace of Base's Heaven
Sun Aug 9 01:34:22 CDT 1998

I have made some updates to my Ace of Base Homepage SO: go and take a look!:


take a look to five new pics!

134. Cinthya ccpcozma@ctc-mundo.net
Sun Aug 9 01:26:37 CDT 1998

Hello there!

to all the people that I must reply e-mails: be patience!, couse I'll do it!...well, some day! *lol*;)

Paloma>>ayer te iba a escribir, pero tuve un pequeño problema con mi mama...como rsultado no pude ir a la escuela, y cuando llegue tuve que partir a una fiesta: y a las cuatro de la mañana ya no me quedaban ganas de escribir! *lol*...por suerte ya solucione mi problemita (en esta semana me van a llevar al psicologo *lol*), y...mañana te escribo!:), sobre lo de ser psicologo, eso queria estudiar yo, pero cuando le informe a mi papa el me miro, se quedo callado por un momento y luego me dijo "no huevees" *lol*:) Siii!!!, mañana ire a la disco y creo que lo que hare ahora es agarrarle la cara a Jose y darle un beso sin preguntarle si puedo! *lol*, pues para que andamos con cosas: ESO es lo que el esta esperando que haga! *lmao*:) HEY!, Chicho(hombre) ya te tiene en su lista de ICQ, y siempre me pregunta por ti!

Che Super Noël!!!>>ooook!,ahora estoy esperando impaciente mente!: es que necesito reirme un poco! *lol*: are you sure that you doesn't sent a bomb or something?, I mean, as you are Snowball, and I'm the Brain: ellos son rivales no? uh?..hmm, mi memoria me esta fallando!!! *lol*

Courtney>>ok!, thank you too!:), and about the pic, well, it doesn't so old!, not at all!!, and if you want I can scan it and send it to your e-mail addy!, so that way you can see her dressing all red!;)so nothing new on Stylissimo?!, wow!, that's bad!, sooo bad!!: what they are thrying to do with you uh?! *lol*

Shelly>> good luck at the camp Shelly!, and take care!;)

Annje>> yup!, they said it out loud and without sense!, and I think those guys were too drunk...but it was still funny heard them say "oh, there is that mother fucker"! *lol*:)and I was talking about you saying "ay mierda" in California!, that was so funny!, cause I know what is hear to another person speaking your lenguage, cause I used to have a friend from Taiwan, and she doesn't speak spanish, so the first word she leand was "callate hijo de perra" (shut up mother fucker) and she used to say it to our teachers!:) and ja, esoj is acting so...stupid!, we'll see what's happen tomorrow!: hope to see you on ICQ soon!!!!

Hanna-Reetta>> I think Jonas is stronger than Ulf, though Ulf looks strong too!, but I REALLY think that if Jonas get mad at Ulf, he would kick his ass soooo bad!!! *lol*

Nacho>>aaaah, gracias!, ya me siento mejor...y menos culpable! (por la cuenta de telefono!): gracias por llamarme en la tarde! (y por lo de Jose tambien!;)

pervertido>>anda a chupar vergas a otro lado porfa: tus comentarios son de muuy mal gusto:(

well, time to sleep: see ya people!

133. ShellyBERG JennyBerggren@ace-of-base
Sat Aug 8 23:26:16 CDT 1998

Daniel:Flowers is called Cruel Summer in some places beause Arista/BMG records wanted to change it's name. Flowers wouldn't work because the song they got that title from (Life is a Flower) wasn't even on Cruel Summer! P.S.I'll all you "Donnie" if you call me "Cecilia"

132. DukeRL@aol.com http://members.aol.com/dukerl/dhs.htm
Sat Aug 8 23:16:32 CDT 1998

Like, Whats that Song called, its on MTV.... its a Beautiful Life? iz that right? is it on the newest CD?

131. John's helper who also wants to find out SN's name ..
Sat Aug 8 23:12:19 CDT 1998


I emailed you, John :) I think we're getting closer!! hahahahahahaha!!

130. memo enciso lupercia@mail.udg.mx
Sat Aug 8 22:42:47 CDT 1998

hola soy homosexual y quiero chupar la verga de los 2 integrantes masculinos de ace of base,y de todo el que se deje i want suck penis

129. Courtney Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Sat Aug 8 22:42:41 CDT 1998

Supernova is it Tony or TRistan??

128. pervertido lupercia@mail.udg.mx
Sat Aug 8 22:39:10 CDT 1998

quiero chupar vergas

127. Courtney Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Sat Aug 8 22:35:53 CDT 1998

AAAGGGGGHHHHHH Supernova, you heard CS?? Cool, I just hope if they are going to release that that they actually release that this time :) SOOOOOOO Cool...okay so I was closest..is it Timothy or Thomas or ? I can't think of any guys names that start with T right now...

Maybe 2Day FM will start playing CS...Was it PMFM that you heard CS on Supernova??

Okay going now

one last thing..Against my better judgement of never listening to the US Donnie, I di this mornig and it made me cry they've ruined it ont he US album..took away everything that made that song so wonderful.

Bye Courtney

126. donnie
Sat Aug 8 22:15:57 CDT 1998

i love ace of base,i live in mexico in guadalajara city no se mucho ingles,pero quiero resolver una duda acerca del nuevo cd hace 2 meses en una tienda famosa de musica aqui en guadalajara compre el cd single de "life is a flower" ,luego hace menos de 1 mes conpre el cd de ace of base yo pensaba que se iba a llamar" flowers" pero no es hasi en todas las tiendas de musica el nuevo cd se llama "cruel summer" y no viene la cancion de "life is a flower" en canbio hay una cancion que se llama "when ever you near me"que es identica a"life is a flower" pero tiene la letra canviada, sin envargo es el mismo fondo musical,aparte le faltan 2 canciones eso lo se por que he investigado mucho en la red,i need information about it

125. Ingrid meadowmuffin98@juno.com
Sat Aug 8 22:12:59 CDT 1998

I am very new to this! I love Ace of Base!!!!!! There music is the best and they are the best!!!!!!! You don't understand I AM OBSESSED!!!!! I love it!!!!!!I want so badly just ot meet them or talk to them!! ok well that is all for now!

124. SuperNova
Sat Aug 8 21:28:11 CDT 1998

**** Courtney: I heard CS on the radio, and on the top radio station in Perth ****

Sat Aug 8 21:20:54 CDT 1998


Sat Aug 8 21:17:45 CDT 1998


121. SuperNova
Sat Aug 8 21:16:25 CDT 1998

Hi everyone!!!

Courtney, John, and John's helper «« »» Courtney was the closet with guessing my name last week, but she still didn't get it exactly right.

Sat Aug 8 21:15:12 CDT 1998


119. Søldier Bagel dcoady@firstcity.net
Sat Aug 8 20:00:11 CDT 1998

Sgt. Che Noëlki Fågel-Bagel!!!!!

LMAO HAHAHA! Ok, but it's not Yes Sir Yes, it's SIR, YES SIR! I tell you one thing...I love the CS Blazin' Rhythm Remix! Gotta go now, bye! (Watch now, I'll leave and you'll come online again! ;0)

118. ShellyBERG JennyBerggren@ace-of-base.com
Sat Aug 8 19:42:24 CDT 1998

hej alla!

117. Steph (pebs) Hill >
Sat Aug 8 19:34:10 CDT 1998

Hi everyone! I would just like to say that I really like ACE OF BASE, I listen to them constantly, I also like their new song CRUEL SUMMER. If ACE OF BASE ever reads I would just like to tell them to not let anyone tell you any different cause you are doing a great job and keep it up. LATERS, PeBs

116. Sgt. Che Noëlki-Fågel Bagel xphile4ever@geocities.com
Sat Aug 8 19:24:21 CDT 1998

OH!!!! I get it now!!! *lol* yo no se papa de slangs!!! LOL!! bueno, ya te envié el email :-)

Søldier Bagel!!!!!!
well, well, well... you're not going back to boot camp on one condition!!! *lol* Remember what you told me on ICQ? alright, if you did it then you're staying, but if you didn't, you're going back!!! hey!! have you seen the official AoB board?? "Teenage Heaven"?? I got #1000!!! it's a different colour from all the other posts!!!! he-he, bring back pictures of the island okay!!! dismissed, Søldier!!! hey! you're supposed to say: "yes, sir yes!!" LMAO!!!

115. Amalie charlotte.amalie@usa.net
Sat Aug 8 18:59:01 CDT 1998

hej alla y'all


114. Courtney Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Sat Aug 8 18:16:27 CDT 1998

Hej alla :)

Brian// I understand it, like the words(i'd be worried if I didn't) but the play is the closest to acting out life...you can't tell me that life isn't complex...

Najs// early friday morning in Sweden :) Late friday avo in Australia :)

see you for now :)


113. Mona
Sat Aug 8 18:00:24 CDT 1998

See ya all on Monday... ;)

112. Mona
Sat Aug 8 18:00:06 CDT 1998


Promote!! :)

ALA6! :)

111. Mona
Sat Aug 8 16:22:00 CDT 1998

Brian: Thanx.. anything is welcome... the more, the better for Ace of Base, right?

Noelito: Jeejee.. ay, como me encanta mucho llamarte eso!! LOL! ;) Oj.. si, si, si... la ultima vez que pregunté, no tenía la completa versión de Viña Del Mar, pero ahorra si lo tengo! :) Esta tan SUPER!! :) Cinthya me hizo una copia... y tambien de entrevistas de Chile y Argentina!! :) Bueno.. entonces, espero tu email sobre de la otra cosa que me quieres decir, ¿eh? :) Si... uso la palabra "papa" cuando hablo... bueno.. por ejemplo... "El no sabe papa de ingles." ;)

110. Brian Ecobrat@msn.com
Sat Aug 8 16:08:15 CDT 1998

I gotta call my radio station.

Mona// when I find the number for the radio station (the only relativly good one) in Colorado I'll E-Mail you the addy. Their E-Mail addy will be easier to find though

109. Søldier Bagel
Sat Aug 8 16:03:00 CDT 1998

Sgt. Che Noëlki Fågel-Bagel!!!!!

*ROTFLMAO* You bet I do like AoB more than before! hahaha and I will forever blame it on YOU! hahaha!!!!!! :0)

NEJ NEJ NEJ NEEEEEJJJJJ! I don't wanna go back to boot camp, it's so scary there! hahaha!!!! And painful...and tiring....*LMAO* And they make you scrub the floors with a toothbrush! Don't make me go, Sarge! hahahahaha! *ROTFLMAO* Hey! I forgot to tell you where I might be going in a few weeks! FRANCE!!!! Really! Well...mabye not France France, but a little island that belongs to France! It's called St. Pierre, and there's another island, Miquelon. It's close to here, but first we have to drive across the island for about 4 hours, then get on a hovercraft (yes, a H-O-V-E-R-C-R-A-F-T! hahaha) and go over. There's no cars there, everyone speaks French and half of them don't know a word of English. YAY! I wanna go! hahahaha! :0)


Hi! I'm from Canada too....but still far away from Noël :( Canada is sooooo big and I'm close to nothing. Except water...And the Titanic...which is why I don't like swimming in the ocean...just the thought of being in that water gives me the creeps! I might get hit by an iceberg! hahahaha!

108. [|>:0(
Sat Aug 8 14:49:19 CDT 1998

Søldier Bagel!!!!!!!
Omigod!!!!!! *ROTFLMAO*!!!!!!!!! that's sooooooooooo funny!!!!!! *jajajajaja* alright, I'm convinced!! you DO like AoB more than before!! *LOL*

107. Sgt. Che Noëlki-Fågel Bagel xphile4ever@geocities.com
Sat Aug 8 14:28:17 CDT 1998

away for 3 weeks? :-( Oh well, I'll email a funny story about MY ceremony! ;-)

hehe... first post to you? :o) I'm from Toronto (Canada)!

Søldier Bagel!!!!!!!
have you been a bad Søldier? I gotta send you back to boot camp then!! *lmao* don't worry about those cds, I'm going tomorrow for sure :-] Oh and I HAVE to email you tonight ;-)

Noelito?? *lol* mi prima en Florida me llamaba asi hasta que le dije que me hacia sentir muy "spoiled"!!! jiji!! tengo algo *importante*(to me) que preguntarte: cuanto de Viña del Mar tienes.. me acuerdo que me dijistes que no tenias todo el concierto? Oh and about that "other" thing, I'm gonna email you instead ;-) "papa"??? *LMAO*<== especially 'cause I have no idea of what it's supposed to mean!!! *jajajaja*

Hmm.. yes! when I lived in Michigan, 18 years ago, me queme el dedo en la cocina! *LOL* and just recently, yo estaba haciendo... hmm... can't remeber, pero habia aceite muy caliente! and I got it on my neck and face! *lmao* so, te recomiendo que no te atrevas a hacer nada ahí!! Oh no! el ep con Mindy lo tienes que ver!!! it's hysterical!! Ella lo viste con el vestido de su "doll", y el Cerebro looks sooo funny!!! *lmao* Oh, y luego, antes que le caiga encima un "truck", se le bajan las orejitas!!!! *jajajaja* hey! ya estan vendiendo los action figures de M&S en los EEUU, pero no los veo por aqui :o( Oh! ya me acorde!! te acuerdas que te dije que se me habia olvidado algo(about 2 weeks ago), pero ya me acorde!!! When I went to Miami 2 years ago, compré unos "plush toys" del Cerebro y Pinky :o) tu los has vistos? al cerebro le doblé la "tail" como le sale en las caricaturas: toda doblada! *lol*

106. Mona
Sat Aug 8 13:24:42 CDT 1998

Noelito: Ay.. como soy tonta!! :P Se me olivido responderte... *tonta* :P Bueno... muchas gracias!! :) Es que quiero repagar porque quiero.. ;) Oh... nucna te he respondido?? Eww... ;P Bueno.. no, no tengo otros admriadores... no mas AOB. ;) Bueno.. me encanta muchas programas de la televisión, pero no colecto papa... ;) Oye!! Otro "slang!" ===> "papa"! LOL! ;)

105. Mona mkasaus@tvi.cc.nm.us
Sat Aug 8 13:19:37 CDT 1998

Please continue filling out the form for MTV U.S.'s Video Requests show!! A couple of days ago there was an MTV video that was *never* in the top 10, and it debuted at #1!! The VJ also mentioned they got 1500 votes..! Wow! If we all did that, we *would* get CS the number one most requested video of the day!! Please, Acers!! Millions of Americans *do* watch MTV U.S.! Think about it! Sweden is about 8-9 million inhabitants. We have *more* Americans who watch MTV U.S. than there are Swedes!! That's a lot!! Vote at my page:


Annje: Nej, I doubt there'd be more hemlig for oss... :( *snyft* Well, unless one of our city's happens to air them as local reruns... *crossing fingers* Oj, Annje & Swan, what are we to do without our hemlig?! :( Ha, ha! Yeah... that webpage!! I saved the link!! I still haven't seen that .MOV file yet! Can you believe it?! LOL! ;) I want to laugh LOUD!! :) Duh, Mona! I keep forgetting!!! Durrr!! :P I'll email it to you... on my way... ;) Nej, Reyna hasn't heard my CS / Flowers albums yet.. I dunno.. I'm just quite shy because I'm just shy to show her. Give me time! LOL! ;)

Liz: Thanx for the Chum FM page and the email! I'll add them later... :) Next week! :)

Nacho: ¡Hola! :) Estoy muy bien.. ;) Gracias! :) Si, Aggie está poco apenada por Alicia. ;) ¡Oj, si! Alicia quiere ordenar una revista de mi club de AOB. Quiere comprar el del edición del cumpleaños de Jenny Berggren. :)

Hanna-Reetta: Yeah!! I agree with you AND Johnny! Jenny does look sporty and a bit tougher. ;) Plus, Jenny's mentioned before that she likes to go to a gym at times and she's taller and heavier in weight! :) Yeah... for all we know Linn could be two times stronger! LOL! ;) Did you read Drake and my little conversation about them appearing on Jerry Springer? LOL! :) It's, like, yeah right! Too kinky for the Aces... ;) Ha, ha! Shall we set up a fun poll of this?? That'd be interesting to get Acers' opinions! LOL! :) Really! :)

Najs: Hejsan!! Tack!!! Tack!! :) Oj.. I can't wait!! ANd when I read your posts about catching the Euro CS video, I was going to ask you, and you beat me!!! Jippi!!! :) Oj... sexy Ulfy picx!!!! Mmmm... ;) Throw me a towel of Jonas' & Ulfy's!!!! *blushing* ;)

Paloma: Hola!! :) Si, mis padres son arquitectos!!!! :) Y tu papa tiene una oficina en Juarez? En que parte? :) Junto del centro? Mi abuelo vive junto del centro! :) Si.. ya llego tu email!! :) Te respondo mas tarde... :)

104. ramy harik asterix@magnarama.com
Sat Aug 8 13:04:24 CDT 1998

i would like to recieve any message from an aob fan just like i am......

103. Hanna-Reetta-Swan
Sat Aug 8 12:48:46 CDT 1998

Najs>>Nej tyvärr har jag inte Music TV jag missar såå mycket men lyckligtvis var jag i Vaasa hos min tant just när Star Trax kom i juli&fick också en liten intervju på video! Hej jag gillar den här sommaren, så regnigt att man inte behöver få dåligt samvete för att man bara sitter framför datoren och äter godis hela tiden...Jag har haft kul!:) Och gått upp fyra kilo..:( Nåja..Så är väl livet!;)

Noel>>Hee, hee, you have quite a few nicknames there, eh? Where are you from?

Annje>>Hee, hee, you don't seem to like your Dad then?;) Warm relationship w/him..Well, my Dad bugs me too!:) But his vacation is almost over so he'll be in Helsinki again..;) Oh, I've gotten along with him surprisingly well lately.. But wait till he starts in Hel´sinki again..Every time he comes around I'll just tear my hair off!! Yeah, I agree on Jonasy.;) Most Acers seem to...;) C U!:)

102. Brian Ecobrat@msn.com
Sat Aug 8 10:53:10 CDT 1998

Najs// okej, here you go.... *hands 25 degrees* hehe

Courteny// Why do you say that Hamlet is confusing? It kinda is, but I kinda get it. What part is confusing to you? Just out of curiosity

101. PolyMoog
Sat Aug 8 10:36:34 CDT 1998

Hi peoples ...

Noel : In fact, yes I do graduate this year, I passed everything and the ceremony is in November, long wait, I don;t know why that is .. I;m still in England, yes, but in a few hours (3.30 am to be precise) I leave for France and 3 weeks of holiday :-) What about you, are you graduating this year?

Sat Aug 8 10:04:42 CDT 1998

100!!!!!!!!! :0)

99. me
Sat Aug 8 10:03:38 CDT 1998


98. me
Sat Aug 8 10:02:57 CDT 1998


97. me
Sat Aug 8 10:02:36 CDT 1998


96. me
Sat Aug 8 10:02:26 CDT 1998


95. Me
Sat Aug 8 10:00:47 CDT 1998

I will soon be 100

94. Me
Sat Aug 8 10:00:34 CDT 1998

I will soon be 100

93. Me
Sat Aug 8 09:59:55 CDT 1998

I will soon be 100

92. Me
Sat Aug 8 09:59:41 CDT 1998

I will soon be 100

91. Martin Rasmussen
Sat Aug 8 09:56:51 CDT 1998

Mit navn er Martin og jeg elsker Ace Of Base!

90. Melissa missyb123@hotmail.com
Sat Aug 8 09:52:04 CDT 1998

AoB Rules!

89. Melissa missyb123@hotmail.com
Sat Aug 8 09:51:55 CDT 1998

AoB Rules!

88. Melissa missyb123@hotmail.com
Sat Aug 8 09:51:46 CDT 1998

AoB Rules!

87. ?? ?
Sat Aug 8 09:49:23 CDT 1998


86. ?? ?
Sat Aug 8 09:49:13 CDT 1998


85. ?? ?
Sat Aug 8 09:49:03 CDT 1998


84. ?? ?
Sat Aug 8 09:48:43 CDT 1998


83. Søldier Bagel
Sat Aug 8 08:17:44 CDT 1998

LMAO! hahahaha! You are sooooo crazy Noël! Love my new nickname!! Søldier Bagel! *lol*

Anyway, last week I was at the mall...I went to MusicWorld & Sam's and they never had ONE AoB single. They only had the album, which, unfortunately I didn't bring enough money for. :( Well...I was thinking yesterday, where have I seen AoB singles before? Then I remembered! Not too long ago I saw a few at Wal-Mart, where all those cheap CD's are! I was bored and looking for Monkees CD's for my friend when I saw an import single! Stupid me, I can't remember what one it is...oh well. Next time I go I'm going to buy it, whatever it is! YAY! And I STILL blame it on YOU, Noël! Well...I'll admit I did like AoB before I liked Aqua, but never as much as I do now! And it's all your fault! hahahaha! :0)

Ok, so you (?) gave your puter a virus...but PLLLLLLLLEASE find out about those CD's ASAP, b/c I just found out last night that my cousin's coming home in 10 days!!!! :0) Anyway, I know your inbox is ALWAYS full, but E-MAIL ME ANYWAY! hahahahaha bye ppl!

82. Najs
Sat Aug 8 04:24:07 CDT 1998

Brian, yeah, that sounds great :-)

Courtney, when is the café refreshed anyway?? I just can't figure it out!

Paloma, great! It wasn't very long..but i was kinda tired when I wrote it :-)

Mona, I'm sending you package today..with Sexy Uffe pictures ;-) and i've also incl. Cs euro on the tape..

Take care!!
**Najs**-The one and only!!

81. Paloma Pinky
Sat Aug 8 01:18:55 CDT 1998


Cinthya>>Hola!! Tu idea para obtener el 1er lugar es absoultamentr magnífica!! :) Y eso de amarrar a John a una silla es genial!!*lol* todo sea por obtener el # 1!! Uno se tiene comportar de una manera ruda, si quiere lograr algo!! *lmao* Oye, la idea de poner un centro de ayuda a los necesitados está muy padre!! *lol* Cinthya, me has hecho descubrir que es lo que quiero estudiar: Psicología!! *lol* en serio! me encanta escuchar a los demás y darles consejos!...Hoy fui a super mercado con mi papá y estabamos viendo los libros y yo quería que me comprara uno de vampiros, pero me dijo que no, y yo lo segui molestando hasta que el agarro el carrito que llevabamos y haciendose el enojado me dijo "ya me voy" y dió media vuelta para irse y en eso zaz! choco con una mesita que estaba enseguida de él y yo me moría de la risa!! y el avanzaba muy rápido y comenze a seguirlo muerta de la risa!! jaja! Oye, mañana vas a la disco? Está listo el plan en contra de José? jaja, tengo ganas de ser muy mala!! pero solo con mis papás y la gente que se porta mal como José!! *lol*

Che Noëlki>>Hi there!! I promise not to go into the kitchen to cook, I'll go only if I need to steal something from the refrigerator at midnight (midnight snack)*lol* Like Garfield, who always eats something after he wakes up, or only wakes up to eat!! :) Have you had a bad expereince at the kitchen? I guess I haven't!! Well, once when I was like six months old (a baby!) se me cayo agua caliente encima (era muy traviesa), pero mi mamá me rescato y no fue nada grave...Cerebro y Pinky lloraron en Navidad? Ay, que tiernos!! bueno Pinky siempre lo es *lol* No, no es cierto, creo que la palabra es tonto e ingenuo!! No, nunca he visto ese episodio con Mindy! No he visto el programa como desde hace una semana, por que me levanto tarde (yes!!!!) y no me da tiempo!! Cuando cerebro lloro fue cuando se convirtió en jugador de basket y que al final perdió el partido más importante y definitivo para conquistar al mundo!! Ahí lloro!! pero mejor ya no me acuerdo, porque si no yo también lloro!! :) La semana que entra es el último capítulo de la temporada de Buffy! Hoy vi la primera parte de "Becoming"

John>>Thank you for sending it to me!! As I've told you, I will wait for it!! In fact I always bother the, how is it called, postman? Well him, and I ask him if he's got something for me!! He hates me! I actually act as certain cat which the postman hates!! *lol* It's not true!! You know I'll never do anything to bother someone!! haha, that's a lie too!! I found a screen saver with Garfield's paw, and instead of photograph, it says "pawtograph"! :)

Mona>>El trabajo de tus papás es muy interesante!! :) Son arquitectos? Mi papá tiene una compañía que vende equipos a hospitales para analizar muestras de snagre, etc. yo a veces le ayudo a organizar facturas, etc. y el tiene una oficina en Juarez! Si, está semana le voy a pedir mi pago! :) Te llego mi e-mail?

Annje>>Hello!! Don't worry about the blank post!! :) I always made mistakes on posts (ask Cinthya and Noël *lol*) I have your e-mail, I'll answer it tomorrow or on Sunday!! :)

Nathalie>>I have your e-mail!! Thank you! :)

Nacho>>Hola!! Como estas? Te mande un e-mail en la mañana!! :-)

I am falling sleep on the keyboard, so I better go now...

Good-bye!! :)


80. ShellyBERG JennyBerggren@ace-of-base.com
Fri Aug 7 22:21:21 CDT 1998

hej alla! marking my spot!

79. Sgt. Che Noëlki-Fågel Bagel xphile4ever@geocities.com
Fri Aug 7 21:31:28 CDT 1998

Hi PolyMoog!
Yes, I'm still in Canada, the best country in the world.. heehee, sorry, feeling kind of patriotic today ;-) you're still in England? didn't you graduate this year?

Hej Claes!
You HAVE to come back to the land of *maple leaf*, it's so cool here :-) especially Toronto & Montréal!!

Jey Nacho!
nada pasa por aqui... creo que voy a scream!! *lol* hasta cuando estas en la escuela? Aun no me llega tu carta con las fotos :-( si vi el CS-vid on ET :-) y hoy lo vi en el MM countdown, es numero 25!! yey!!

Salut, Annje!
sorry, my inbox is so full :-( I'll get to your email soon, I hope!

Hola Cinthya!
Te envié las cosas el martes, creo? *lol* you're gonna laugh your head off when it gets there!! I sent you something releated to *our show* and 4 things about somebody you like! plus a really *friendly* letter!! *lmao* Oh!.. and check out the sticker on the envelope!! It's soooo cool!!

Søldier Bagel!
On your feet! *lol* you know what?! my puter had a virus when I left to Tower Records so I couldn't print your file, but I'm going back this weekend, I think? Hey! I did catch CS on the countdown!! LOL, you're so hilarious!! why are you doing this to me?? *lmao* [|>:0( Oh and you know me!! I'm not saying anything else about that M&S thing!! *rotflmao*

Ciao Mona!
jiji, los que me conocen bien saben que soy un wizard con vcrs :-) I don't know why I need 4 copies?? *LOL* suppongo que después de lo que le paso a mi otro caset, te acuerdas? bueno, me preguntastes que si tenia otros queridos (admiradores) famosos mas? Hmmm.. it's funny, te pregunte lo mismo hace mucho tiempo y tu no contestastes.. but it doesn't matter ;-) I don't expect you to give me anything in return! don't worry about it! read my letter when it gets there, you'll see :-) and besides, remember why I did it in the first place? to make you feel better porque no aprovastes esa clase? see? algo positivo salió de algo que "parecia" negativo!! :-) creo que la puse en el correo el martes?!

Bonjour Paloma!
ça va bien? Oh! nunca has probado la lasagna? jaja! no trates de hacerla tu!!! you'll destroy your kitchen! I speak from experience! *lol* hmmm.. esa fue la primera vez que vi algo de "Samantha"... dijo que cuando la ven la llaman "the X-Files girl"?! pero que trabja en la tienda de mariscos de sus padres :-) en rialidad, no se mucho de ella... *lmao*==>cuando se le bajan las orejitas al Crebro is so funny!!! vistes el ep cuando estaba con Mindy? *lol* it's so cool!! Oh! cual fue ese cuando el Cerebro llora? me acuerdo que vi uno para navidad donde el Cerebro y Pinky lloraron, ese si me hizo llorar ;-) y en el ep de los Simpsons con M&S?! lo pasaron por aqui esta semana!! Moe le dijo a Homer that he had a new beer: "DÜFF" from Sweden!!! *lol* pero no mas le puso los puntos a "duff" beer!!

Hello, Cour & John!
congrats :-)

78. Nacho igallegu@hotmail.com
Fri Aug 7 20:49:00 CDT 1998

Cinthya:por su puesto que no te van a cortar el telefono no te preocupes!! con respecto a lo de jose sigue intentandolo animo!!

Pinky y che noel:donde se metieron?

77. Courtney(Drottning Coeur) Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Fri Aug 7 19:42:25 CDT 1998

Having a posting party were we?? :)

Najs// thanks, I lvoe being crazy :) Hey, I checked out your page a few days ago and that picture of you with the torch is cool!

john// Tack for e-mailet :) must study..exams on monday...I HATE HAMLET!!!!!!


see you all later

76. SørenLuver
Fri Aug 7 19:13:51 CDT 1998

YAY! Saw it twice! WOOHOO!

75. SørenLuver
Fri Aug 7 19:06:40 CDT 1998

CS is coming on Much in.....about.....5 minutes! LMAO twice in one day for me! HEHEHEHEHE!

74. ShellyBERG JennyBerggren@ace-of-base.com
Fri Aug 7 19:06:24 CDT 1998


Daniel//it's called that here in the States, too. and Canada and South America(i think)

73. Brian Ecobrat@msn.com
Fri Aug 7 17:47:50 CDT 1998

Najs// how about I give you 25 degrees? Is that good?

72. Daniel Andrade
Fri Aug 7 17:14:04 CDT 1998

why in Mexico the name of the new cd of ace of base is "cruel summer"? cause i know what is the real name the real name is: "flowers" in all the cd stores in mexico the name of the ace of base new cd i:"cruel summer",in that cd ,the song "life is a flower"have other name, the other name is : "when ever you near me",it`s so wierd my adress in mexico is:

teotihuacan 1646 pinar de la calma c.p.45080 zapopan jalisco mexico

Fri Aug 7 16:34:03 CDT 1998


Fri Aug 7 16:31:25 CDT 1998


69. SørenLuver! JIPPI!
Fri Aug 7 16:13:32 CDT 1998

JIPPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME SAW CRUEL SUMMER.....30 seconds ago! YAY! YAY!!!! hehehehe what's withthe guy eating spaghetti, and the girl takes off her shirt! LMAO thank god she was back on to the camera........LMAO

68. John
Fri Aug 7 15:31:06 CDT 1998

I have so many emails to reply and posts to reply sorry tomorrow I will, also send some package.

I got Aced the remixes and "My Deja Vu"-single today and much more jippiiiii


67. SørenLuver lalala
Fri Aug 7 15:11:06 CDT 1998

and 67........gonna watch Cruel Summer 2 night on MuchMusic! YAY! Jippi!

66. SørenLuver
Fri Aug 7 15:08:45 CDT 1998

And 66....

65. SørenLuver huh
Fri Aug 7 15:07:00 CDT 1998

I WILL have 65....

64. Mona
Fri Aug 7 14:33:43 CDT 1998

Darn! I ran outta time to post for new posts... :(

Tomorrow or early next week!! :)

ALA5! :)

63. Mark mgershk@hotmail.com
Fri Aug 7 14:31:31 CDT 1998

********************************************* I JUST RECIEVED THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE:



EXCELLENT NEWS!!:):):):):)

********************************************* I JUST RECIEVED THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE:



EXCELLENT NEWS!!:):):):):)

62. Mark mgershk@hotmail.com
Fri Aug 7 14:31:27 CDT 1998

********************************************* I JUST RECIEVED THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE:



EXCELLENT NEWS!!:):):):):)

********************************************* I JUST RECIEVED THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE:



EXCELLENT NEWS!!:):):):):)

61. Mark mgershk@hotmail.com
Fri Aug 7 14:31:23 CDT 1998

********************************************* I JUST RECIEVED THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE:



EXCELLENT NEWS!!:):):):):)

********************************************* I JUST RECIEVED THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE:



EXCELLENT NEWS!!:):):):):)

60. Najs
Fri Aug 7 14:10:48 CDT 1998

Hanna-R, Japp, visst är jag från sverige!! :-) CS kommer nog snart till dig ska du allt se :-) Om du har MTV så kommer den garanterat redan i morgon.

Brian, Don't complain on the heat..Give me some pleease..this weather really suck!

Take care!!
**Najs**-The tired one

59. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 14:08:58 CDT 1998

Hanna-Reetta--- hi, I e-mailed you :) who is stronger? mmmmmmm, maybe Jonas but I`m not sure.

58. Brian Ecobrat@msn.com
Fri Aug 7 13:12:47 CDT 1998

Ulf and Jonas are both strong in my opinion. And they both look strong. =o] hehehe but anyways

Najs & Osnat// having fun chatting and filling up space?? hehehe =o] This place is DEAD! Wow!! So dead. NY had a Cruel Summer too, it was HOT and HUMID, very un plesant (especially without a/c) and so was Colorado (VERY HOT) and Texas (can't forget about that) and Florida (same as texas) so it was a Cruel Summer all over the world!

57. ariana bachig4ar@aol.com
Fri Aug 7 12:51:46 CDT 1998

ok well these things are all good but we need to get lyrics up in this joint..it would make the sites alot better..ok well talk to youl ater..if anyone has the lyrics to the new song cruel summer please email them to me..thanx

56. Annje Annelida3@aol.com
Fri Aug 7 12:10:37 CDT 1998

Swan-Fågel: Naturligtvis Jonas-y!!! Det big bear!!!! Som altid!!!! You know that for sure!!! :) Shit, my dad is home today and bugging the FAN out of me, god I wish he'd just go away!!!! I know, I'll start babbling in Swedish (which he HATES), and then he'll leave....wait no he'll yell at me, as always, god what an arselhål!!!!! I hope your storms go away soon dear, Swans don't like storms! :)

Queen Coeur and Johnny-Fågel: Congratulations to you both on getting Spot #1 again! You both have a very good (what's the word????) talent? Skill? Aj Fan, I can't think of what it is, but I hope you know what I mean! :)

Cinthya: Ay mierda, they both said *mother fucker* out loud?? And in English? Why in English? That's hysterical!!! Maybe they had too much wine! What thing did I do in California that you laughed at? Do you mean about how I was trying to swear in Spanish and I messed it up? Or was it when I was in Arizona and within 5 minutes of me getting there I walked into a cactus? Well esoj...what will we do with that boy??? Ay mierda!!! He needs to get his ass moving!!!! I hope to catch you on ICQ soon girl!

55. caitlin
Fri Aug 7 12:02:46 CDT 1998


54. Hanna-Reetta(a.k.a Swan)
Fri Aug 7 11:06:48 CDT 1998

Osnat>>No, unfortunately I have not because I don't have MTV:( But, I'm hoping to see it soon in Jyrki!!:D I was just soo happy for all of you who have seen it!! What do you think, is Joker shown as little as everyone says?:( That'd be sad..:( I'd soo much like to see him. Which do you think is stronger: Joker or Ulf?

Najs>>Tack för din åsikt!:) Du är från Sverige eller..? Du är lycklig för att ha sett CS!!:D Ha det bra...

53. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:58:15 CDT 1998

but before I go, no when it is TOO HOT and HOT all the time you wish that it will be raining a bit!

52. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:57:33 CDT 1998


51. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:57:13 CDT 1998

you want the swedish weather?? Nah..i don't think so..but I'd love to have the israel weather..Today is good..sunny and warm (i think)

50. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:57:10 CDT 1998

well, I gotta go now, see ya soon !

49. Najs-Saw the CS video on Select
Fri Aug 7 09:56:10 CDT 1998

Yeah, Thank so Roy..You got that right :-)

48. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:56:03 CDT 1998

really, and in Israel it is one of the hottest summers! :(

47. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:55:01 CDT 1998

Yep, In June it rained almost 20 days in a row..It has really been a cruel summer here in Sweden. The worst summer in 7 years acording to the newspapers..:-(

46. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:54:56 CDT 1998

yeah, thanks to ROY!

45. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:53:56 CDT 1998

Anyway..i saw it in Th that CS would be on Select..*phew* Thought I'd missed it!

44. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:53:54 CDT 1998

Is it a CS in SWEDEN? raining all the time?

43. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:53:05 CDT 1998

Talking about CS..It's on the radio!!!

42. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:52:35 CDT 1998

I just had the feeling that MTV will show it very soon!

41. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:52:32 CDT 1998

Good girl ;-) hahaha

40. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:52:09 CDT 1998

Aob will be on RTL 2 August 9..hrm, tomorrow..on BRAVO TV..Gotta see it!

39. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:51:31 CDT 1998

Najs--- YES!!!!

38. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:50:48 CDT 1998

The one when they show CS vid in?? (bravo) hrm, gotta check it..Yeah, i big smile!! Did you tape CS??

37. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:49:18 CDT 1998

Najs--- yeah, this is a change, now Ulf smiles a lot on pictures and on videos. Also on the poster in BRAVO he smile a BIG smile! :)

36. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:47:48 CDT 1998

Yeah, I recorded it :-) i'm so happy!! Wonder if the girl got the boy in the end...?? Hrm...

35. Najs..just the best
Fri Aug 7 09:46:55 CDT 1998

Yeah, you're right..Jenny look incredible! And it's great that Uffe smiles more on their vids..You never saw him smile at others...ok sometimes but..hey..

34. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:46:26 CDT 1998

Najs--- have you recorded CS?

33. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:45:23 CDT 1998

Najs--- Linn look there very good but she don`t smile at all! and Jenny is stunning!!! and Ulf looks so sexy! And Jonas so sweet!

32. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:44:24 CDT 1998

Better than LIAF...Linn could have smiled more...Anyway, great story to the song, don't you think??

31. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:43:35 CDT 1998

Najs--- o.k, so what you think about CS?

30. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:42:37 CDT 1998

Osnat, Hey..stay..I wanna talk :-) now when they chat is down..this is the only thing to do..

29. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:41:21 CDT 1998

Hanna-Reetta --- have you seen on Select MTV CS?

28. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:37:44 CDT 1998

Hanna-R, Jepp, Jag tror allt at jonas är starkare än Uffe, that's for sure!

27. Hanna-Reetta
Fri Aug 7 09:33:25 CDT 1998

John(ny)>> Hulk, usch han än äcklig, bara muskler, Jonas har väl en naturlig kropp, han är inte bara muskler utan lite mjuk och så..Sött. För mycket muskler får man väl inte ha men starka armar..det är ett plus! Starka pekfingrar då, nåja ...;) hehehe Äsch, mina dikter är ju heldumma, jag kan inte ens tillräckligt mycket svenska för att få det att rimma men om du vill får du förstås publicera dom på din hemsida! Det är en ära! Jag kunde väl använda min artistnamn, Rhododendron Williams, eller vad tycker du? ;)Jaså du vet alltså aldrig när jag skämtar nå det ska jag utnyttja i framtiden...He he he...;)Var inte rädd, jag spelar fiol nån dag här, när jag får den känslan...;)

Mona>>OK, yeah, maybe Jenny would be stronger. She looks sportier Linnie looks kinda frail, but you never know..;) They should put up a little pretend-fight and see what happens..;)


This is an interesting topic..

Hey Annje, vad tycker du? Who's strongest, Jonasy or Ulfy??

26. Osnat
Fri Aug 7 09:31:45 CDT 1998

I saw it!!!! I saw C R U E L S U M M E R!

25. Najs
Fri Aug 7 09:27:15 CDT 1998

YES!! i saw Cruel Summer today!!!!! Finally, it was so great!! Actually better than LIAF!!! i'm so happy, this really made my day!!!

Take care!!!
**Najs**-The happy one!!!

24. Jonlup jonlup@yahoo.com
Fri Aug 7 08:44:09 CDT 1998

24. My lucky number. Where I can find some MP3s with AoB ?

23. Najs
Fri Aug 7 08:26:49 CDT 1998

Sorry Soren ;-)..Hehehehe I got #20!!! hahaha

22. SørenLuver blå
Fri Aug 7 08:14:26 CDT 1998

HEY! I was supposed to be #20!!!!!! Not 21!!!!!!!!!!!

21. SørenLuver! blå
Fri Aug 7 08:12:36 CDT 1998


20. Najs
Fri Aug 7 08:09:12 CDT 1998

Hrm..Courtney and john...Jesus, you two are unbeliveble!!! Congrats...you're crazy!

Anyway...just marking my spot :-)!!!

Take Care!!

19. Kim Ki Woong rlarldnd@shinbiro.com
Fri Aug 7 08:07:29 CDT 1998

AOE is my favorite group. Hmm.. I love AOE very much.. Fighting... This album "Flowers" is also good.. I like 'Tokyo girl' best.. Ace of Base !!! Fighting !!

18. Liat
Fri Aug 7 06:06:30 CDT 1998

Hej All!!!
I'm 18 here and soon I'll be really 18 years old :) cool, ah??

17. ShellyBERG JennyBerggren@ace-of-base.com
Fri Aug 7 05:20:58 CDT 1998

ATTENTION ALL ACERS: Starting Monday and until the 24th, I'll be gone at camp, so if you have e-mail for me during that time, send it to acefan16@hotmail.com or shellyluvaob@hotmail.com.

16. ShellyBERG JennyBerggren@ace-of-base.com
Fri Aug 7 05:07:09 CDT 1998

sixteenth! =-)

15. Kojak
Fri Aug 7 04:35:54 CDT 1998

Harras & Pandecho

14. Courtney(Drottning Coeur) Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Fri Aug 7 03:07:39 CDT 1998

Kung John// okej!! Have a nice day with all those lovely...FIX ME e-mails :) Heehee

Cinthya// Thank you so very much Cinthya..Gracias :)you are Always so kind and nice. You saw Emma in those magazines? Cool! Were they new or a little older?? You're lucky to have seen them...Stylissimo is still all repeats :(

Thanks Paloma!!

See you all for now

13. Cinthya
Fri Aug 7 02:26:39 CDT 1998

John>>oh no no no!!!, don't make me say it again!!!: I already said it on ICQ, but...omigod...ok ok, here it goes again...Con...Con...Congrat...ok ok: CONGRATULATIONS!!!: are you happy now????: jesus christ!

Courtney>> with you dear I don't have problems to say it: CONGRATULATIONS Courtney!!!!, you are the best posting first! *without John by your side* (j/k): HEY!, today I was reading some fashion magazines that I have and then I noticed that Emma Sjöberg was there modeling!!!: that reminds me so much you!!! (and she was looking very good btw!)

Paloma>> nos cagaron!!!! buaaaaaa, lo que hay que hacer es amarrar a John a las patas de la silla y a Courtney dejarla encerrada en un closet o algo...Y ASI SER NUMBER ONE!!!! *por una vez que sea no?!*: que te parece mi idea super genial?!:) y por cierto!!: estas son las ventajas de hablar español, pues el suequito y la australiana no nos pueden entender!!! *lol*: pero algun dia: VAMOS A CONQUISTAR ESTE CAFE PINKY!!!! (y vaqmos a instalar un centro de eventos con ayuda psicologia al necesitado...y al que no lo necesita tambien! JA!)

Eduardo>> lei tu post, te llamé, no estabas, Y...te llamo mañana SI ES QUE no tengo algo de ultima hora *he inesperado* que hacer!: espera mi llamado!;)

Pablo>> WOW!, nuevamente te luces con tus *buenisimas ideas!* *lol*: me parece perfecto!, cuentas con esta Acer para esa "super reunion de acers con coneccion", solo habria que: planear: cuando, donde, y a que hora!...*algo más?!*

Annje>> AY MIERDA GIRL!!!!, you are FINALLY back: WE-REALLY-MISSED-YOU-GIRL!!!!:) I was lmao when I read what you did in Cali!!: ay mierda!!!: that's THE WORD!!! *lol*: yesterday I went to see Godzilla, and two guys that were sitting behind my friend were drinking wine (can you belive it?!) and suddenly Godzilla started to run behind those poor guys and one of the guys drinking wine said: "look at that!, there is that *mother fucker*!!!: I was laughing my ass off so bad when I heard that, and it was so funny hear those drunk guys talking in english and saying "mother fucker" with an absolutely spanish accent *lol*, I still keep laughing about that!...YES YES YES! U96 have a new video, and is great!:) my sister says "HI TO YOU TOO!", and she says "I'll come back to tease Cinthya soon there!", can you belive it?!!!:) about Jose, or Esoj, hmm, well, the same as always: NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!...ay mierda girl, I hate this situation!!

Che Noël>> you left us!!!...NAaaaa!!!, I read your ICQ message AND, I can undestand that you must go to...anywhere and that's the reason OF WHY WE LOST THE FIRST POST!!! *snift*: JUST KIDDING!!!, we did our best with Paloma...but you know, John and Courtney ALWAYS will win...maybe if we give them something to sleep, I don't know...or maybe if we tell what John does while he is working to his boss: THAT WOULD BE GREAT! *lol*: *don't worry John, you know that I CAN'T tease you that way!*

Dayna>> nooop!, I haven't rollerblading for so long!!!...I'm starting to miss my hands and knees on the floor! *lol*

Ignacio>> puedes creer que en ves de poner "Ignacio" habia puesto "Jose"?!!! *lol*, que me esta pasando!!! *lol*, en fin, creo que a mi tambien me van a cortar el telefono!!!, y ahora si es en serio!!*lol*...pero soy la regalona de mi papa asi que me lo convenso luego!...o no crees tu? *dí que si, dí que si!!!*:))

hmm, well, this post was soooooo, extremely long...and booooring *hehe, boring?, did I say boring?!!: I didn't stop my laugh while I was writing!*: tomorrow I will finish with my "C'MON CINTHYA: TEASE A LITTLE MORE TO JOHN!";)

see ya!:)

12. John
Fri Aug 7 01:22:54 CDT 1998

Drottning Coeur: I go to work NOW! this was fun :) JÄDSSSSSOM bye :)

11. Drottning Coeur Coeurholm@mypostbox.com
Fri Aug 7 01:21:47 CDT 1998

Kung JB// ja, jag vet...Have a good day :) JADSSSSSM :)

10. John
Fri Aug 7 01:20:00 CDT 1998

Drottning: I think that happens you are not allowed to post if you post excatlly the time they refresh :) we go into the history huh? kids at school read about 1998 they see our names hahaha j/k :) :) jippis so happy.. soon go to work haha :)

9. Paloma
Fri Aug 7 01:18:24 CDT 1998


John and Cour>>Congratulations!!! :)

8. Courtney --
Fri Aug 7 01:18:09 CDT 1998

So shocked I totally said the wrong thing

jag menade VI är BÄSTEN i Världen min underbara kung :)

7. John
Fri Aug 7 01:17:16 CDT 1998

Cinthya: I WAS afraid haha not anymore puh hahahahhahah I wonder how many times me and Courtney been first now hahaha

6. Courtney --`
Fri Aug 7 01:16:44 CDT 1998

YIPEE!!!!!!! I couldn't get it to post..it said the file couldn't be opened or something..but we got first..YAY!!!!!!

Min kung// de är BÄSTEN i världen :))))))

5. Cinthya
Fri Aug 7 01:16:16 CDT 1998

Paloma>> aqui estoy!!!!

John>> hehe, yes I'M HERE!!!!!!!: are you trembling?!!: are you afraid John?!!!: woah!!!!

4. Da King!
Fri Aug 7 01:16:04 CDT 1998

My Lovely Queen we DID it again hahahahahhaa YES! hahahaha :) JÄD!!!

3. Courtney and John Australia and Sweden
Fri Aug 7 01:15:14 CDT 1998


2. Cerebro, Che Noëlki and Pinky
Fri Aug 7 01:15:12 CDT 1998


1. Courtney&John
Fri Aug 7 01:15:02 CDT 1998


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